List of synths that can link directly to the OP-Z via USB . (not MIDI controllers or via DIN)

There is a monster thread on MIDI and the OP-Z here:

But I would like to start a list of synths, not MIDI controllers, that can link directly to the OP-Z via USB without using any adapters or computer. Plus, those that don’t.

I’ll start with a some that do work:


  • IK-Multimedia UNO Synth
  • Korg Electribe
  • Yamaha Reface CP - Acts as a MIDI keyboard for the OP-Z but I can only hear the very faintest of sound from the CP. At first I thought local control had been turned on somehow but there is some miniscule sound there.

And one that may not:


  • Roland SH-01A

I say "may’ because sometimes it seems to depend on how you hold your tongue when you plug them in.

Have you tried other synths?

Thinking about this, what does it mean to say that a synth ‘works’ with the OP-Z?
Perhaps a list of features is needed and then we could give each synth a yes or no on that feature.

For instance can you change the MIDI channel on the synth quickly without menu diving or using software?

I could go on but I’ll see if there is any interest in this first.


monome norns works well via usb

How are you hooking up the Reface? I can only get mine to work via midi control in AUM.

Any with USB midi in?

Anyway, NTS-1 works, but nts sends midi signals back to OP-z that mess up with the mute groups.