LISTEN / WATCH : aswefallintostatic's Reel-to-Reel sessions thread

Hey guys, the Reel-to-Reel sessions are basically improvisations recorded direct to 1/4 tape then arranged and edited in to a track. I’m going to post the results here.

Hey fellow OP1-ers. I made this track is built round an improvisation on Moog and machinedrum recorded direct to tape. A layer of noise and atmospherics was overdubbed to tape using the OP1 and guitar pedals.


Moog Sub 37
Elektron Machinedrum
Teenage Engineering OP1
Fostex 8 track
Guitar pedals

You forgot to add the track.

Ah, I embedded it initially, which seems to display in preview mode but not in the post. Thanks for pointing out! Should be rectified now :slight_smile:

I really liked that :slight_smile:

(…and your piano improv track)

Wow that sounds huge! I need to get my hands on a Fostex…

thanks guys! Im glad you enjoyed the track

@wingo - do it, i am a total convert to tape, it is just so nice to work with (read: difficult and expensive but with great results)

@yoof - im glad you like the piano track as well, thanks!

Yea, really dig this. @aswefallintostatic the reverb is coming from a guitar pedal? Nice!

Awesome !


@Felipe - yep, all the reverb is from guitar pedals. I recently moved away from convolution reverbs as they almost added too much information in to your mix. I’m finding that using digital reverb pedals is having a much better result when wanting to use reverb as an ‘effect’ as opposed to as a mix tool.

Tom Adams I’ve been listening to your soundcloud for the last few days. Gorgeous work!

@kites - thank you! :slight_smile: i’m really glad you are enjoying it!

Was it me, or did you take down your collaborations with the bigger artist?

As much as I’d like to record a track on a reel, I don’t know if I would have the funds or space… Unless there’s a smaller/ portable format. In the meantime, I recently popped on a little Fostex cassete 4 track tehe.

What are people’s thoughts on tape emulators? Wave’s tape emulator pluggin and the Strymon Deco pedal come to mind. Apples and oranges?

What are people's thoughts on tape emulators? Wave's tape emulator pluggin and the Strymon Deco pedal come to mind. Apples and oranges?

Use them all over the place. TB ReelBus is cheap and fantastic, and I also use Logic’s Tape Delay with the delay and feedback off and mix at 100% a bunch for the wow & flutter and LFO.

Oh, and that track was great!

@aswefallintostatic your music sounds truly professional : I keep on listening to it as a mp3 at work or at home, it’s soooo beautiful, well produced…

There is some kind of groove inside, without the need of a beat, it sends me on very pleasant journeys, putting the stress away.
There is no violence in the music, no easy drums, yet it succeeds in keeping the listener’s attention, like nothing here is for free.

I really love the whole “Reel-to-reel” serie.

I like the horns moment (in #1), it’s magnificent.
#2 has a Sebastien Tellier’s La Ritournelle feeling.
And the vol.3 with its NIN sound is a success ! Inspiring ! It will take some time but one day I’ll get this sound :smiley:

I would buy such a LP, no doubt about it.

@kites - i have used the strymon stuff (deco and el cap). Both are really good but not as good as actual tape. It depends what you want it for thogh. If you want the tape warble then i found the strymon great (almost more musical than actual tape warble as you can control it). The saturation however, despite being really warm, didnt have the character of the tape. I’m no expert however, i did a blind test and got it right about 80% of the time, simply because the strymons sounded like an effect where as the tape didnt (if that makes sense). I have had similar experience with plugins, but not used the waves. I really want to get a casette tape deck as well to do more intense tape warping sounds. at £25 per reel I dont want to get overly experimental with the 1/4 inch tape haha!

I now just use the El cap as a tape delay (it is on the moog in the track i posted) and it is great!

@LyingDalai - Thanks for the kind words! Im really glad you are enjoying my stuff :slight_smile: I got really lucky last year and was approached by a film director to do the score for a Universal Pictures soundtrack ( Even thoug the film has not been doing great (or even been released form what i can tell) it has opened up a few doors so im just working as hard as i can on developing my music and seeing what comes of it!

Congratulations Tom ! I’ll watch this if I have the opportunity…


Really dig your track! @aswefallintostatic Thanks for sharing. the sound is BIG and fat. What is making that nice and edgy swell sound? Is that the Moog?

@marijn - yup, Moog + pedals :slight_smile:

hey guys, here is a new one recorded using a really similar process and workflow to before, i hope you enjoy!

@aswefallintostatic wow (again)! really love the thick lead you created. Distorted and instable… cool thanks for sharing!