M1 - Headphones with mic for OP-Z

Looks like a new release by TE is happening next week.


hopefully a Vocoder Update for the OP-1 or Z.
or some mic thru POs / fx machines

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The design looks like it has to do with the OP-Z.

Maybe it is a mic, wich fits into some sort of new module for the OP-Z. A bit like the microkorg vocoder mic.

The one guy in the comments that knows, said it is a cool gadget that everyone will find very useful… the way he worded it makes me think it works with anything and is not only for opz, nomatter what it is… I want it!!

Funny they couldn’t be bothered to even get the label on straight…lol

Curious if anyone would like to speculate on the new Teenage Engineering product coming out in a couple of days? It looks sort of like a microphone, so my guess is a mic/vocoder input for the OP-1 …

I think that likely means that this is a production model, where you have tolerances for how misaligned a text can be. If it was a prototype, then it would probably be perfect. (From Someone who works in developing products)

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i’m gunna speculate that its something for the PO Modulars
or an entirely new thing all together

i think more of „Introducing Input Engines on Op-Z“

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It’s a TE-branded flexible screw-driver.


BBQ lighter?


Although I’m pretty sure that it has nothing to do with it, I just found this little sentence on the TE-Homepage, while browsing through their products:

“And maybe, just maybe it will be compatible with OP-Z.”
So it COULD be a connection to this little “lifeform”.

Still think it’s either gonna be a new input or a vocoder :smiley: Or not related to the OP-Z at all…


Soooo I’ve been digging on their json files again, they just updated it and… there it is :
M1 : “foldable headphones with both detachable and built in microphones. M-1 is perfect for use with OP-Z in headset mode for voice/vocal sampling. 1200 mm audio cable with 3.5 mm 4-pole (trrs) male connectors.”

PS : I’m sorry to ruin the reveal T.E, love you tho


69€ / 79$

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Phew, finally reads like an op-z related product that I don’t need :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, still curious about it. I had some bad luck with TRRS until now (trying to feed my OP-Z with my K.O! never worked), so maybe their own solution could help.


Its live on their Website. But it does not look like the photo on instagram

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which json file told you exactly those specs?


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that’s exactly the shown gooseneck but with a windshield.

hopefully this mic can be plugged directly to the Z

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