M1 - Headphones with mic for OP-Z

it can!

and the universal button is really handy with the Z + there’s also an internal mic on the headphones


Looks great. Not a bad value either for a name brand headset… if the sound quality delivers.

Unfortunatley using just the mic without the headphones plugged directly to the OP-Z will not work. Works great when plugged into the headphones though.

I’ve been pretty on board with all this stuff, and I well still get these on Friday if not sold out… But this has got to be about the stupidest accessory I have seen for the opz… atleast a waste of resources . Most of us already have far superior headsets then this could ever be and the opz already had a mic built in… Just stupid… I can think of so many things I would rather have then this… even a solid answer to sampling input via quarter inch would have been more welcome, not to mention an actual sampling module. Is not even a dedicated vocoder engine! Just cheap headphones that look cool… I’m really disappointed.

And why are they saying this is just for opz? Will they make a op1 version?

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you think that but are still going to buy them?? (i agree with all your points btw)

Just ordered. Super stoked to test out the quality, I have high hopes and expectations for TE. Hoping they are not beefed with any extra bass, though I don’t think they will be cuz they referred to them as monitors, perfect for production. I’m sure it will be better quality than built in mic on opZ. this is perfect for grabbing vocal samples from vocalists when out and about. Those of you that already own a headset with a mic; are they basic monitors for production or are they beefed up with artificial bass for video games and consumer end perspective…

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Well yes… I have all the other accessories and I kind of promised myself I love the opz enough I want to get all that comes out for it. Plus I have some very nice in ears that I can use for other things now. If they were three hundred I would think very different but why not?


I wonder if maybe you could use the mic with an extender cable between the mic and the headphones, for when you want to record stuff that isn’t your voice and still have the headphones on? I’m interested to see how well users review these headphones.

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for real? but it should work with the manual mic enabling mode on the Z, no? :innocent:

Don’t mean to spoil the excitement or diss TE, but somehow I am very suspicious. “Monitor”-headphones for $79 by a company that sells a coiled audio cable for $29…
I would somehow like to get these headphones as I need new ones anyway. But I doubt they will be able to compete with Audio Technica’s of the same price.


it’s a bargain in TE history but is this made by Ai Ai Ai?

I bet we’ll see them performing, connected to each other. the mic input will also be routed to the headphone output. which should also work to route the signal into the OP1 while connected to the Z

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By the way:
We could have seen it coming, since the design has been in the manual for quite some time now:

But who could foresee it’s not just a picrogram?


But when plugging the mic directly into the op-z, you could not use headphones at the same time (only one 3,5mm in/out on the op-z) and would have to use USB-audio for monitoring. (Or the flimsy speaker)
Or do I overlook something?


Maybe they don’t rock your Audio techs. But if it sounds good on a small system it’ll bump on the biggies.

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for all the reasons who previously gave perhaps? Each to their own, and i hope they are good.

yeah you’re right. I was imaging a little vocoding opz with this mic attached but no no.

it would’ve been a nice addition to have the trrs and a trs just for monitoring etc.

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Had anybody gotten there’s yet?

Yes, got the package on Friday and have tested them a few hours since then.
First impression: they are smaller than expected
The sound is solid but I can’t tell much after just a few hours. They are loud and I think there’s a little increase in the mids.
They are not isolated, so nothing for the train or bus.

On the Op-z they preform very good. Sound is perfect so far and the mic works pretty well. Also the mic works directly without the headphones. But then you can’t route the Audio through the jack :wink:

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Can I ask, how do they fold? And how is the bass?

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