MIDI bug on firmware 243

My setup: Keystep Pro sends MIDI via Kenton USB MIDI Host to the OP1. After firmware upgrade to 243 OP1 doesn’t receive MIDI anymore. After downgrading to 242 (without changing anything else) everything works again. I tried sending MIDI over USB from my PC which works fine so I suppose that the OP1 somehow doesn’t understand the “translated” MIDI signal from the USB MIDI Host (MIDI DIN to USB to OP1).
Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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This is happening to me too. I use a Micro Ghost usb host and now it doesn’t work. Did you figure out a solution?

if i had to guess i’d say its something to do w/ the new usb audio feature thats maybe mucking it up?

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essentially what is happening here but w/ the OPLAB & 243

No. Unfortunately not. Had to downgrade to the 242.

Any luck with this bug?
I wanted to connect the Op-1 to the midi host and the usb host to the midi in of my audio interface. That way I can sync a Po-33 using a Volca and record All three without losing the stereo on the Op-1.
All my other usb midi devices work just fine except for the Op-1