Midnight Operator! Discussion,Speculation,Q&A

who has been on the first episode?

what about Drum Synth Engines?


It was nice and cozy. Made me take down that opz listing from ebay and wait for upcoming updates, it was good to know that TE has plans for it.


Did they mention drum synth engine?

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Is there a TL;DR of upcoming news or similar?

Couldn’t watch it full, but I liked the laid-back human approach.

I’m happy they are doing this type of things to nurture the community and being more close and transparent to their users!

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Truth is, there’s no actual news in the stream. It’s just a chat about life and synths.

yeah i can totally see where you’re coming from. that being said, there were actual little tidbits coming out now and again if you watch the whole thing closely.

for example, he did actually mention the individual track output on op-z which a lot of people seem to mention as a feature request very often. from what i could tell of what he said, this feature is not currently in the works to be implemented.

he also publicly acknowledged the bent or bowed op-z units as well as touching on a few other details here or there which i was happy to see.

but yeah, its more about hanging out and chatting which is cool. still, i was surprised to see some of the things he said.

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Damn… I’m waiting on this eagerly. Besides synth engines, is the most limiting thing for me right now. Would love to have an Overbridge type of thing for the OP-Z.

Update speculation with a Piano Engine…what’s that all about? :star_struck:

Episode two.

Interesting wasn’t it! Tobias said DX1 style FM piano, then I believe Jonas corrected him with DX100!

Sounded like a typical FM electronic piano. Not my cup of tea, but it has its place, and is a nice addition.

Glad to see these live streams - even if there are technical issues. Hearing it directly from the guys is always good!

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BTW episode two appears to be LIVE and wouldn‘t stream at all. :exploding_head:

the Chat said something about insert fx and some opportunities with dry/wet control, what’s going on there? :sunglasses:

My understanding is that they are adding a feature to let you pick whether a FX is a send or insert.

Example: Right now Reverb/delay is a send, but distortion/crush is an insert. Now you’ll be able to choose.

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distortion/crush seems to dry/wet though? Maybe not.

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I think it’s more of distortion/crushing amount that you are controlling. Either way. The difference is in the FX send style of processing vs FX insert style. Inserts typically still have a dry/wet controls. As you turn up the distortion, it get’s more and more intense as opposed to a linear crossfade.

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Microtiming has got 96 steps instead of 24 when you live record! that should behave like the OP-1 tape 1:1 (higher resolution)

Fx tracks allowing you to either make an effect subtractive (full impact on sound source)(insert) or as send (adding the effected signal on top of the dry) hold down track button & turn the red dial on fox tracks.

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Very exciting!
Was hoping the micro timing meant also more notes per step, and sorry to hear that sounds like a difficult thing to increase for the devs. But still, SUPER EXCITED for this update !

it is 8 times more notes in live record mode basically a higher resolution of recordable steps within 1 track. that’s amazing!

i recommend to watch the TE Instagram stream from yesterday where a lot of great sounds happening towards the end where @tngjonas introduces the new EP engine and the fact that the OP-Z will get the funk by 3pm CET today! :100::100::100:

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Yeah I hear ya. I’d love to see a signal flow of the crush and distortion. Some of the behaviours of the opz gain structure has me scratching my head a little.

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You could already mute the dry signal though, right?