Mini synth collectors?

I’ve started a collection of mini synths over the years, just wondering if anyone else has also. My first was the Kaossilator and last was the Op1 which lead me here(excluding the PO’s which most of us don’t have yet). Here’s a list of what I’m holding onto. I’ve learned in the past 7 or so years that small toys can make some HUGE sounds:

-Critter and guitari Pocket piano
-Korg Kaossilator
-Korg Monotron
-Korg Volca bass
-Casio Vl1 custom upright circuit bent
-Neon indian (bleep labs) pal198x
-Speak n spell circuit bent
-All 3 pocket operators(coming soon)

I am very fond of pocket synth as well :)
In fact I have only pocket pianos :
- Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano MIDI !! -> A bit noisy, but I love the sound and the arps. Missing a sequencer...
- Volca Beat
- Volca Bass
- Volca Keys
- OP-1 -> I bring it everywhere, it's really my favorite
- C3POs coming one day or another

I use to have a SP404 that I brought with me everywhere : I loved the sound, but it was too gourmand with batteries and I had trouble with in/outs... I sold it for the Pocket Piano and I don't regret it cause it opened me a way to electronic music ^^

Still another thread for GAS, I feel !!

My first little (but powerful) synth it's been the LepLoop analog groovebox, then I continue to buy (and sell) little synths and drone/noise boxes.

Nintendo Gameboy dmg + nanoloop 1x
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP + nanoloop 2x
Nintendo DS + Korg DS10 - Electroplankton
Korg Monotron delay
Korg Monotribe (sold)
Leploop (sold)
Oto Machines Der Oto
Andromeda Space Rocker mk4
Andromeda Space Rocker Tune in Tokyo
Gieskes HSS3j (sold)
Teenage Engineering Op-1
Casio Vl-1
Kinetik Laboratories Harsh Noise Generator (sold)
Kinetik Laboratories Dr.J & Mr.H (sold)
Kinetik Laboratories Gort the robot
Skychord Electronics Sleepdrone 5 (sold)
SubtleNoiseMaker Cacophonator II (sold)
Masf Osc03 (sold)

@Calucaux, I often thought about getting a circuit bent speak’n’spell. I probably wouldn’t use it all the time, but would be cool to have when you need it. Is it any good? Does the circuit bending just add an audio out, or other stuff too?

I’m a geek for them. 2xMonotribes, GakkenSX150, Monotron trio, Volca quad, miniKP v1 and v2, KO-1 and 2, Sp404sx, 3xMPC500*, MicroKorgXL+, OG MicroKorg*, MicroSampler*, XR20*, SR18*, QY70, QY10 and of course OP-1. Gonna get a battery pack for the KP3+. Plethora of NiMH batts.

*gonna sell

Tons of them here

10 monotribes
2x Monotron
Monotron delay
Monotron duo
2 Volca sample
Volca bass
Volca keys
Volca beats
2 OP1
6 Patchblocks
Bugbrand WOM
Bugbrand Boardweevil
Chimera BC6
Tenori on
Mini KP2
Mini KO2
Grendel drone commander
New electribe
Mad labs X-Noise
Digitana Micro Punk Robot
Digitana Micro Acid drone
Gieskes x 3
TB-303 x 3
Andromeda Space rockers x 8 (4 unbuilt)
All 3 PO’s when they arrive
Boss DR55
Boss DR110
Boss DR220a
Soundmaster ST305
2x Yamaha SU10

Probably a few more that I’m forgetting, plus I have sold loads (at least 3 times this list), I’m a sucker for battery powered gear!

Tons of them here

Probably a few more that I'm forgetting, plus I have sold loads (at least 3 times this list), I'm a sucker for battery powered gear!

So dope man. I will find you when the world goes to shit, haha. Also gonna cop those VCO mods from you soon, if they don’t sell out.

Korg Monotribe
Korg DS-10
Korg mini KP
Korg Kaossilator (sold)
Korg Volca Bass
Casio VL-1
Speak n spell
Speak n math
Mattel Synsonics drums
Aurturia Microbrute
Sunrizer/Epic Synth iOS
Roland DR-550

Korg Monotrons (regular, duo, delay)

Korg Monotribe
Korg Kaossilator (first version)
Sirkut Electronics SynthNoiseBox
Olegtron 4060
Trogotronic 679 Gran Fury
Repeater Electronics Horndog
ElectroLobotomy Modulation Cluster Fu(k
Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II
Bastl Trinity Drum 1.1
Bastl Microgranny 2.1
Standuino 3π/2
The Dark Interpreter
MASF Osc03 - a eurorack module, but usable outside of eurorack with boss style 9v power which is how I’m using it at present so it kindof counts.

PO 12 and 16 on order.
I want more Bastl Trinity blocks.
Don’t have an Op-1 yet but should be ordering it next week.

@darenager how do you like the patchblocks? I’ve gone back and forth on getting those. I used to use music programming languages like SuperCollider 2 a long time ago and I’ve owned Reaktor for years. However, SuperCollider got boring for me a long time ago and Reaktor / Max / Pd have never been that appealing to me. I think the canvas is just too big and blank and I just don’t know what I want to make; but give me some knobs and cables and instant gratification and I’m good to go! Patchblocks look to be an in-betweener here.
More than I realized.

Casio SK-1
Casio VL-1 (broken ribbon cable to LCD *sigh*)
Casio VL-5
Casper Electronics NovaDrone X 2
Casper Electronics Dronelab
Dentaku Ototo
FM3 Buddha Machine 2
FM3 Buddha Machine 3
Futureretro 777 (not sure this counts as mini)
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Monotron
MFB 522
Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 X 4
Mutable Instruments Anushri
Mutable Instruments Ambika w/6 SMR filters (does this count as a mini synth?)
Open Music Labs Mix Tape Alpha
OTO Machines Der Oto (Oto Biscuit)
Sonic Potions LXR
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Teenage Engineering PO-12 (when it arrives)
TI Speak and Spell
WTPA2 Sampler
Zoom ST-224 Sampletrak

@yoof don’t play with the speak n spell much but here’s a small sample video of my actual unit. Yes it only adds a audio out and there are a ton of bends on it.

Also didn’t really expect you guys to have such insane collections @darenager @freshpants nice!!

you guys will appreciate this!

my collection-

Monotron Delay
Volca Sample
My own personal creations(555 synths; auduino; circuit bending etc…)
other nicknacks.

@Calicaux, I’m sold! I want one! Thanks for posting that up!

My collection:
Korg Monotron
Korg Monotron Duo
Korg Monotron Delay
Casio SK1
Casio MT100
Casio HT700
Yamaha PSS680
Yamaha PSS790
Littlebits-Korg Synth Kit
Korg KaosPad
Korg Kaosillator
ThinkGeek Bliptronic5000
Nintendo 3DS with Korg DS10, DSN-12, and M01 synths, plus all the Rytmik sequencers and Electroplankton series instruments too.
Korg MicroSampler

Listing all these instruments is a bit humbling. I really hadn’t realized I actually own all these keyboards since most of them sit unused in my basement, What I really need is a place to set all this stuff up so that it can be played. I currently don’t have any room to adequately display or use them. A synth-filled man-cave would be awesome!

^ Yes I was surprised at my list too when I wrote it out, and I forgot my Nintendo DSi + softs, littlebits, iOs devices,homemade stuff and probably some other bits lurking in boxes too, not to mention all my non portable gear. But like you it is never set up all together - would need some serious mixing! But I kind of like to just grab a few bits from the cupboard and have a little jam, different combinations of course lead to different working methods.

But having said this I really do need to knuckle down and sell a load of my gear, I have cut down a lot, it is such a hassle though, I don’t like owning too much gear believe it or not.

@jshell PB are fun and cool, the software is not quite there yet though - both the desktop and internal, it could do with a bit of tidying up, refining and fleshing out, but even in its current state still quite a capable system, especially for the modest investment. The sound can be a little lo-fi and noisy at times but it does not bother me, but if you are bugged by such things might be better off going another route. It is quite cool making up your own little standalone fx boxes or sequencer equipped synth/drum generators things.
Also didn't really expect you guys to have such insane collections @darenager @freshpants nice!!

I also wasn’t expecting to have so many things. A lot them were DIY projects, so there was that aspect of fun too.

@yoof yah no worries. That guy does some amazing shit. He’s a pro circuit bender. Sounds funny but he makes a living doing it. Here’s the vl tone he built for me. The only upright casio vl tone in existence prolly.

After owning and selling many of the items on other people’s lists many years ago, I’m starting over… so far:

Korg Volcas (1 each)
Korg Monotron Delay
Moog Werkstaat
Teenage Engineering POs (when they arrive)

Fuck, some of you guys make me feel like a prude…

8 Patchblocks

Basically all I use these days, though I’m digging into Arduino stuff more and plan to do something with a Due eventually. 12-bit output DACs, tasty.