Module shipped

Just got tracking info. It’s on it’s way

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Lucky you :slight_smile:

Anybody in America want to sell let me know, I’ll go as high as $175.

Back in stock in the TE shop. Ordered!

I hope someone will be brave enough to teardown one of these…

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You gotta be kidding me… I missed it again…

Mine is here!


I’m jeleous… so how is it?

Mine arrived this morning and…it’s not working.
None of the slots light up when notes/CV is sent from the module track and the app says there is no module inserted.
Midi Clock is sent though, but nothing else…
Contacted support…

I’ve connected mine but haven’t been able to test it. Same issues though. Are we sure there are supposed to be lights and that the module message in the app isn’t a bug? Anyone else getting a different message? Thanks!

This is the way mine appeared at first. For some reason, the app does not recognize the this module on the module track (appears as module: none). PO sync output was not working at first.
The fix for me was two things:
-Make sure the module is well seated and the lock mechanism is fully in the ON (B) position. It’s got a very tight interference fit and may not be seated low enough for the lock to fully extend.
-Enable MIDI in / out and clock in / out in MIDI settings in the app.
These fixed it for me and all features seem to be working.
Pocket operators recognize play start and stop and sync beautifully.
Also, when turning on the OP-Z, you will see a red LED near one of the module jacks momentarily flash. This is how you will know the module is properly installed and booted up. Why they didn’t mention that in the manual, or update the app (in the update from a few days ago) to recognize the module we may never know…


It works ok. I haven’t had much time to mess with it.

Initially I had it set to output trig and nothing worked. Then I selected MIDI in + out. It worked for MIDI. Left these switches in place, and CV+Gate worked also.

I have noticed CV seems to be a bit high…then I discovered here that CV (1) is only 0-5v. CV 2 or 3 can go -5 to +5. Seems rather odd that the “default” CV out is the limited one! now I need that breakout cable that I haven’t ordered yet :frowning:

Also, my module doesn’t show up in the app either. Weird.

I got a bit tired of pulling off the back to check switches/connections, then putting it back on to press the bluetooth button. I can see IN/OUT/CV/GATE stickers in someones future…

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So it can’t go 1-10v?

Cv 2 and 3 are for modulation bipolar. For pitch you want/need 0-5v or

Yes, good point. I measured and have 0v and 1v/oct up to the range. Apparently the oscillator I was testing with is having an issue :frowning: (DIY MME, moog model D type synth).

I tried another VCO and it behaved normally!

Someone on the Discord recommended a dremel tool for opening up a switch window in the back plate.
I used the opLab to drive a 0-Coast with cv/gate last night but found I was missing step components as they aren’t available on the module track (yet). So I guess it’s back to midi, at least for that synth.

Not a bad idea. A couple of well placed drill holes would be stronger and neater (also easier) than a square opening.

I noticed I couldn’t paste from the lead track to the module track (P+up up up, P+module track). Either I got the keys wrong, or they are treating the module track a bit “special” as you mention with step components.

Got mine yesterday and really am loving using midi out with my Nord Drum 3P. I’ve always loved the drum synthesis engine, but not being a drummer myself, felt like I really needed to sequence it externally to get the most out of it. I’m looking forward to trying it out with the Minibrute sometime soon. There’s also a small community of synth enthusiasts in my city that do monthly meet-ups so I’m hoping to bring the Z with me and see how it will play with eurorack.

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What’s the difference between using usb midi out of the op-z and opLab midi out?