Module shipped


One is USB, the other (op lab) is MIDI DIN so in many cases you can go direct. The output still comes from each track in the same way.


Ok thanks, that makes sense. I guess I’m wondering if I can go straight to the 0-Coast’s 3.5mm Midi Jack from the opLab with a trs cable without needing an adapter. Currently I use a usb midi cable and the 0-Coast’s Midi-Din to 3.5 adapter. I’ll find out when I get home and report back if it works.


It sounds like the 0-coast uses a different pin out. See


i imagine the OPZ sequencing some eurorack modules will be amazing.


My first evening with the oplab module, controlling the 0-coast. Worked like charm!
First I had some problems because the module didn’t sit tight enough and I did not push the ON switch down hard enough. I used all three CV outs, Gate out and Trig out. I hope step components will be made available for CV1/Gate out, soon…

Note: Trig out signals are NOT placed on the module-track itself, but on any other track, that supports step components (jump -> 0). That was not clear to me first.


According to the 0-Coast manual (page 11), the 0-Coast MIDI In can be connected directly to a Korg SQ-1 MIDI Out via minijack. Korg having the right minijack MIDI pinout since the start (i.e. it became the chosen standard), the 0-Coast MIDI In should work properly with everything that has the standard MIDI pinout, which I would think the op-lab would have.

I’m going to check it this week as this was one of the reason I got an op-lab…


Got mine yesterday and I love it so far. I’m only using it to control a vocoder with midi right now, but it’s really awesome to be able to programme vocals for an entire track on this tiny thing. I see many happy days of glorious funky 80’s jams ahead.


Did some more testing last night and this morning, but am unable to get the OP-Z to transmit any CV or gate signals to my minibrute. I’ve tried using both mono and stereo cables to the gate in, pitch CV in, and Filter in from the CV 2—none of which have produced any results. I also noticed that when I power on the OP-Z the gate output LED flashes red, is this the case for everyone else? Midi in and out are working fine.


Exact same issues here…


Have you gotten any word back from support? I just put my ticket in.


Try switching the switches back/forth and leave them on MIDI. I had to do this before CV/gate started working. Then you should be able to play the CV/gate device when you are on the module track from the OP-Z keyboard. You should see the gate LED on the op lab light when you press a note on the OP-Z


Hi there,

had a little bit of a temperamental start with the module yesterday, here are my observations so far:

  1. When the module track is selected, pressing [shift] allows to deactivate or activate individual midi tracks and the CV track. For instance, when I want CV output, I activate the CV track with [shift + module track]. The module track button lights up in yellow.

  2. It seems to be possible to activate and deactivate the entire module by pressing [shift + 3]. If button 3 is not lit when pressing [shift] on the module track, the module seems to be deacticvated and does not send any cv or midi output.

  3. The numbers 1 to 8 can be toggled with [shift] on the module track but I am not sure about their functionality except for button 3.

  4. When I first messed with the midi-settings in the iOS app without knowing about the shift functions, the module CV output was deactivated. I backed up my projects and samples and did a factory reset.

  5. Transposition and step components do not seem to work on the CV track, however, the CV output follows the master track.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: The shift functions are documented in the manual here.


Is there not a manual for the oplab module yet? It seems crazy to sell it before you explain how it works? Are you guys happy with it? It’s expensive for a controller that won’t work 100%… 50 more and you can get a beatstep pro, 300 and you can get a microfreak… I’m not sure if it’s worth it but I got one anyway… I feel like between this and the sampler module you end up spending a grand anyway so it’s really not cheaper than the op1 really for the same functionality… I do love it though.


Just want to update everyone. I did a factory reset and it immediately fixed the buggy behavior.

So to answer the question of is it worth it? I’d say I absolutely think so.

Right before the module came out (I mean the day the oplab module was released) I had a usb midi host in my cart to purchase so that I could control external gear with the OP-Z. I ended up passing on that and immediately jumped on ordering the module as well as a USB-C to Micro USB cable. I now have the ability to sequence my analog synth via cv, OP-1 via that cable I bought, and my Nord Drum Synthesizer via the midi out for about the same price as the Kenton USB midi host. Despite the bugs/frustration I experienced, all is working now and I, personally, am a happy camper.


The manual is on the teenage engineering site.


To answer the question if I am happy with the module: well, yes, so far I am.
It simply adds a lot more connectivity on top of the USB/Bluetooth MIDI functionality and now the OP-Z is fulfilling all of my sequencing needs.

For instance, yesterday I connected it to a multitimbral tone generator via midi and this was exactly what I needed. Using the sequencing capabilities of the OP-Z on that machine opened up a lot of possibilities that were more or less unused previously.

In addition, I really like the OP-Z sequencer for arranging. Using the master track, it is litearlly possible to lay out a basic polyphonic multitimbral song idea with chord progressions including rhythm section in minutes. I think one could literally sequence a whole studio from this device.

I have not tested MIDI with eurorack yet (the tone generator…), but sequencing a whole eurorack system should not be a problem using a multitrack MIDI-CV module.

Even for small live setups it should work. Sequence the analog drummie via MIDI, drive your analog synth via CV, play your tablet synths via bluetooth MIDI, while having everything clocked from your eurorack system, sing into the microphone and have your awesome videolab thing running, while controlling the lights via dmx, etc. However, I have not tested that, am wondering if that stays in sync. :wink:


I’ll probably get this module next time it goes on sale, but have a question for users. I also haven’t used Bluetooth sequencing, so maybe that could have answered my question, but…

In midi mode, are you given access to all of the components on all tracks, or just the ones that they exist on natively? Could I use track 9 (effect 1) as a midi track with step components controlling an external synth?


no. step components only work on track 1-8. track 8-16 are just step sequencing.


Wish they could change that. It might be tough with some of the shift commands on things like the master and tape tracks.


Totally agree. there is a long thread for feature requests. That is in there multiple times I am sure.