Module shipped


I’ve set the module track with zeros for now.
As i understand, the problem is that track 14 midi cc messages are sent in omni mode.
It is probably a bug.

The first encoder when in the adsr page (green leds) is by default outputing cc 5 and corresponds to the portamento time on the 0-coast.
That why it glides when the attack on the opz is not at minimum.

We should have a way to disable the midi cc on the fly because when you want to blend internal and external synths just like you said (it’s cool!), the latter is influenced by the op-z synth sound parameters.


Incidentally, a track disappeared for the third time when doing this… (for once, i had saved it before and recovered it)
Is there anyone who has lost tracks or projects without reason? (not with manual save or deleting by mistake)


Hi,how about ext midi clock in?


@emp: yeah, having the ability to switch off cc messages per track would surely be a welcome addition.

@bazerax: just tested that out of curiosity and sequenced the OP from an external device. It reacts to midi start, stop and clock ([shift + 4]) and seems to stay in sync as well.

I also sequenced three tracks simultaneously from an external device. It works for me. However, I encountered some hanging notes when disabling incoming midi on the fly ([shift + 2]).


@ghoder thanks,my op-z is getting after 30-40 seconds out of rythm…aslo its not tight enough at the beginning.
i’m syncing with Synthstroms Deluge.
has anybody tries midi extermanl sync funktionality of the new module?


Woohoo! My module is here finally all the way from Sweden to Florida! I just opened it but already I’m playing my microvolt with CV and gate! It’s epic! I’m still mad at how this was handled by teenage engineering as far as small batch in stock every now and then because allot of us work and can’t watch the website, they should have a preorder system where you get in line and it’s fair… but anyway I’m really happy with it… it’s really nice if alittle overpriced.