Most Current Oplab model?

Hey fam, I really miss my Oplab and have been thinking about getting another one. Has anyone seen the most current pic on the OPlab official site. The dial is different and it has a cap over the diode or resistor or whatever that thing on the top is. Just wondering if anyone has one of these. I see they are out if stock right now, so maybe this will be the next one.

I’ve been thinking of getting one recently. Although I can’t answer your question I wondered if you’d answer mine VF?

What exactly did you use it for?

i had a first series and we’ll have soon a new one. i’ll tell you if there’s difference. (ask me if i forget ;P)
btw the pics on the official site doesn’t look real !

It’s an older one I’ve got. Will check it against one of the new pics on the site

I've been thinking of getting one recently. Although I can't answer your question I wondered if you'd answer mine VF?

What exactly did you use it for?

I used it for interacting with my Octatrack and iPad. I miss those features and now want it even more to play with potential eurorack stuff.

It’s an interesting piece of kit. OT + Op = uncombowable artillery. I shall pick one up soon. This thread is expensive.

I picked one up about a month ago, and my mode dial has the markings on the side rather than the top. I assume the one on the site is an earlier visual computer render.

The old one was on the side too.

From what i’ve seen on my new one,
The new outlet to power is now oriented upward
the label “oplab” is much bright.
The midi connection are more easy to plug, needed lot’s of strenght before.
I don’t remeber anything else.

Anyone interested in buying mine?

Anyone interested in buying mine?
How much and would you ship to Ireland? Cheers...
Anyone interested in buying mine?

Hey, I’m interested! For US shipping, i’ll PM you.

Unfortunately, oplab in its current form is discontinued (due to the CPU being discontinued by the manufacturer).

The image on the website is not a newer version, but an, ahem, artist’s interpretation of the current one.

Happy to see people are still liking it, though!


hey @jon !

are you still developing some more modes for the oplab?

…we got 4 slots left i think! and the user whip. :slight_smile:

would be awesome to get more cross/routing options or something like that.

Agreed. There are some plans but I can’t say anything definitive.

Agreed. There are some plans but I can't say anything definitive.
Appreciate the info Jon! Still nothing out there that comes close to the flexibility of the OPlab.

the format universality is pretty cool … but one channel cv is pretty restrictive.
Just bought a yarns.
Recording op-1 sequence on octatrack with oplab.
Then playin them with octatrack and yarns.

i tried to find a dream interface, but i have stop dreaming.
Maybe later.
choice maybe more easy if you accept to use a computer. i didn’t
Maybe later.

So with an OPlab could I use op1 to sequence a eurorack synth via CV/GATE? Is there a way to in parallel sample the audio output of the synth back into the OP1?

—Line In—

I have a question about the connectivity of the OPLab. I rotated the knob until I was able to play the OP-1 from my Octatrack. Unfortunately, the same didn’t happen for my iPad.

I plugged the iPad straight into the USB port and opened up Korg Gadget but I couldn’t get to play it. Can anybody help? I want to use Kamata!

…i think you have to use a CCK?