Multichannel export for OP-Z? Meet "underbridge"!

Very cool!

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i am most often using the 8x multiplier on my Chord and Arp tracks so at present i’m getting half of my patterns…How hard would it be to be able to select more than 4 bars within 1 pattern?

Inquiring minds want to know!


10 bars are available for quite some time now :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s a version update i need to download then! Can i use the same link as before?

Many thanks!

Yep same Github repo. Release binarys should be up to date.

The background was that I always use 4 bars and for some reason thought thats the OP-Zs maximum, like on many devices. Another user pointed this out.

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MIDI export is now working in the unrealeased pro version. This is realllllly nice, I can tell. Ideal to replace the somewhat limited onboard synth with some huge snyth like Diva.

Mostly at bug squishing and packaging now. I hope I can release it between august and end of septembre.

Some insights on the new official page



By the way, do you have any plans for a mobile version later? It would be great to finish tracks right on an iPad next to a pool.

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Haven´t thought about that yet but from the technical standpoint it should be possible.

I´m currently leaning more towards a dedicated “micro daw”.


That would’ve been perfect for my use case. Instant buy for the iPad.
I’m actually switching from my Mac (and selling it) to the iPad, so it’s the only way I’d be able to use it lol.

I think quite a lot of people are into these mobile workflows. Thats something I completely ignore for anything I do. Matter of taste.

I´ll see what I can do, I dont even have an Ipad or anything apple currently.


This may be a dumb question, but I have a complex arp I accidentally created on the OP-Z and find it doesn’t trigger external synths the same as the internal synth and many notes are skipped when I try to use a more powerful external synth; does this upcoming MIDI export functionality output a midi file I can manually tweak and edit? Just wanna make sure I understand what the midi export is actually doing!

Hard to tell as long as the note on and off is send it will be recorded.

Essentially MIDI is recorded parallel to the audio so you end up with a folder that includes a wave file and a MIDI file for each track. You can than drag that directly into your DAW, at least for Bitwig and I guess Ableton too. You can than edit as if you had recorded it manually.


Thanks! That answers my question, I wasn’t asking you to troubleshoot my issue hahaha but thanks for the extra input!

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Well, if you ever consider it, tell me and I send you $15 for the iPad version in advance. Not enough to buy an iPad, but at least you’ll already have a customer.

Thanks that would be a nice gesture but I can´t promise anything there yet. Ill probably make an adnroid version first to test mobile devices in general. Need to check dependencies etc.

In theory it might work but IOS is a completely new thing for me.


RELEASE date is scheduled for the 15.09.22 (beta).


Beta downloadlink has been shipped to everyone who preorderd. Thank you very much to everyone who preordered. It really motivated me a lot. : And also thanks for everyone who send feedback etc as well. Everything helps!

Windows and Linux versions looking good but some trouble on Mac that I will fix the next days.



Mac version just swung in on the vine this morning :stuck_out_tongue: Hope it works well, cant test it with opz in the loop.

Edited the website with some additional infos and you can now dl the program and have look prior to ordering it.


1.0 Stable Version is out. All bugs squished and some nice new comfort functions.




If I understand well with your software I would be able to export all the audio tracks of my OPZ project just by pushing one button? Does it work well on Mac? And are all the informations exported (filters, FX…)?

Looks amazing thanks in advance for your reply

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