Music making communities

I’m looking for a place where a smallish group of hobbyists regularly posts tracks to motivate each other and sometimes post feedback. I might try reviving an older “Music Critique Club” post here later, but thought I’d ask first.

SoundCloud seems a natural fit, but they removed groups couple of years ago and there’s no way to search for recent tracks using tags; all this makes it difficult to find communities there. (Or maybe I’m not getting something).

Does anyone have recommendations for places with active music making communities?

I think you are already posting in one of those communities. There are threads here where people post tracks. There are also beat battles that happen here. They are all kinda specific to teenage engineering devices.

If you are looking for something more genera specific instead of equipment specific I would look around facebook.

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Oooh, my bad, I only found an old “Music Critique Club” thread started on Aug 2015 (last post 2 months ago), the one that you’ve linked has activity from 5 days ago, I’ll look there, thanks!

I’ve already seen battles, sent my entry and had fun listening to other tracks, but I was looking for something less formal. The “OP-1 Tracks” thread seems just that.

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Have fun!