My OB-4 is warping!

I just noticed the plastic between the cones on my OB-4 is warping! Now there’s a big bump on the front of my speaker😩. Is this happening to anyone else?

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No but I will be forever paranoid

Was it in prolonged sunlight?


I wonder where the batteries are in the thing… could it be a swelling battery?

Might want to mail TE’s support about it.

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I’m not sure what happened. I try to keep it in a laptop case when I’m not using it. I don’t recall a time it’s been sitting in direct sunlight.

I have two OP-Z’s and they’re both warped. Do you think it’s made out of the same material?

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We’ll….I just got it fixed for $70.:pensive:
I hope not to have anymore issues with it in the future.

Who fixed it and do you know how they did it?

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I have been keeping an eye on mine since you posted this. Between wife and I it basically is used all day everyday, including inside and outside use, and taking it with us on trips etc. I have not noticed anything like this happening.

I am also very curious who fixed this and how, unless it’s a replacement unit. Is the seriel # the same???

I had to send it back to TE and they fixed it. I live in utah and it will sometimes be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Maybe having it outside on those days caused it.

They just sent me a message that it’s been shipped. When I get it I’ll check and see if it’s the same.


If it is an ongoing battle against the sun then making look into trying to make some sort of neo-prene wrap for the Ob to keep it cool.

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