Nanoloop Mono (Analog Synthesizer Circuit)

Hey Guys,

if you got the Monochrom DMG Gameboy–this is a cool thing toGo!

yeah I can’t wait, it sounds awesome.

It’ll be my 4th nanoloop cart :smiley:

will be my 5th cart (accidentally ended up with a second nl2 cart recently).

excited to pick it up and then stop buying synth stuff for a LONG time

lol @drybones I say this far too often, it never ends up being long before the GAS picks up again



PSA: this is now available for preorder at the store! gogogogogo

is there any discernible sound difference / functionality between this and the android versioN? always love nanoloop!

yes! nanoloop mono is analog, so it’s more of an acid machine than the mobile version.
Each version is pretty different imo. My favourite will always be nanoloop2, mostly because it can do chords and FM, and has subtle almost analog-like distortion if you max out the channels.
The sequencer on the gameboy versions is also a lot more flexible.
Also, the interface is much more immersive on the gameboy versions; it really feels like you’re programming an instrument.

Got my order in, I had the very first version nanoloop cart some years back but stupidly sold it, looking forward to trying the mono, should be fun with PO’s as can sync via gamelink using a cable.

Got my order in too. Just found this on Twitter

Can’t wait to play around on it

Mine arrived today, only had a quick play but loving it so far, I just need to try and get rid of the noise on my gameboy now. I made a insta jam here

just ordered mine!

sounds great! looking forward to playing with it.

Had another play today, really enjoying the filter modulations on the click channel in particular. I discovered that it is possible to get a very loud and whine free output from the gb cart audio in pin, I wrote Oliver to see if it would be safe to add a proper output, waiting to hear back.

The whine is pretty annoying on my dmg, I have looked around to see if there are any mods that get rid of it, but can’t find any yet, surprising given how long it has been used for music, maybe I need to dig deeper. The noise is a high frequency whine that sounds like data/cpu clock noise, so it is probably just a case of filtering/bypass caps.

I already have the pro sound mod, but might add another jack for the nlmono output, because it sounds a lot cleaner.

i am really liking the Nanoloop Mono. Just commenting to say I am not experiencing any whine noise though. Sounds superb on my sound modded gameboy but still pretty good one of my standards too.

Sorry the whine noise is on my Gameboy regardless of which cart, I actually have 3 (2 pocket, 1 dmg) and they all have the high pitched whine, the pockets are much worse, it is very loud compared to the dmg. I believe some gameboys are worse than others for the whine sound, but pro sound mod drastically reduces it, but I’d like to eliminate it completely. Which other mods does yours have?

Sorry for misunderstanding!
I’ve got a few mods on my main gameboy. The pro sound mod was done with a left and right rca out but best one for me is that it’s a midi gameboy with in and out midi ports. Sadly I never used nanoloop enough when I bought the nl one, got all the gear together but then other things got in the way so really looking forward to digging everything out and learning to get the best from it.
Watched your instagram video, great track.

Mine arrived today, only had a quick play but loving it so far, I just need to try and get rid of the noise on my gameboy now. I made a insta jam here

that sounds great!

I’m suuuuper excited, can’t wait to get it. Unfortunately being in Australia means I’ll probably be waiting another week or two…

Cheers guys, surprised at the variety of sounds it can do, wish the manual was available though as I would like to try song mode and perhaps find some features that I may have missed.

Doesn’t song mode work like on the other versions? I would have thought so… that said I never use it, so I don’t even know if it’s the same between NL1 and 2.

Quite possibly but I never used it on the old cart version I had, I used it on the ios version but it is different to that as expected, it looks to be simple but I guess I should just experiment:)