New KORG Volca & Electribe

somebody realized the new products? stumbled over this…

…oh man…stoned as Fuck and don’t believe what i see!


we’ve been talking about these in the GAS thread :slight_smile:

electribe sampler definitely has my attention, it’s too bad it won’t be out until 2015 :confused:

Yes, I’m super excited about the Electribe Sampler! Batteries too (for the commuters). Exciting times!

What’s just as impressive is the updates that GADGET has had.

With new instruments coming out (from Korg) that have seamless AbletonLive integration it’s really leaving the OP-1 in the dark ages.

wow, that volca sampler demo was terrible!

Psyched for both of these anyway!! Hopefully will also prompt boss to bring out an SP update…

iOS app to sample for Volca Sample = mega fail

Pre-order here:

/end shameless plug : )

so the $400 preorder is legit. Good game, Korg. Korg’s teaser video showed 2015 for the sampler @sammyjams this is a long time to wait on a preorder :confused: maybe not for a Winter NAMM release, though

You need an iOS app to sample on the Volca? Perhaps an app could be used to manage sample banks but wouldn’t it have been easier to add a USB port or at least allow the headphone jack to double as a line in? Pick a key and sample to it. How difficult is that?

Limiting this to iOS makes no sense at all and seriously frustrates me to no end. I love my iPad but for those people who don’t have an iOS device, this seriously limits the Volca’s potential. At least make an Android app (and throw in the Windows phone too) since you can pick up a cheap Android phone or tablet for about $150 (even though I think this is still a idiotic solution that could have been solved another way).

Grumble, grumble, grumble…

Korg has been adding a lot of iOS stuff (WIST sync and the like) but despite owning an iPhone and iPad this ‘lol iOS app to sample!’ I find just really dumb and annoying.

they also just announced this…

so the $400 preorder is legit. Good game, Korg. Korg's teaser video showed 2015 for the sampler @sammyjams this is a long time to wait on a preorder :/ maybe not for a Winter NAMM release, though

Correct. Korg isn’t taking orders on the sample version until Winter NAMM. It is a long time to wait for sure. They were going to announce another really cool (imo) product, but had to push it back. That’s all I can say on that ; )

yea a sampler w/o a line in? the electribes look sweet tho

:F my god new electribe

I soo want both Electribes. Super excited! Battery powered full Electribes! Should pair well with the OP-1.

Great new gadgets. Anyone knows when Korg’s Arp Odessey will hit the stores?

Great new gadgets. Anyone knows when Korg's Arp Odessey will hit the stores?

Korg sez “Early 2015”

Could care less about the Volca. The Electribe sampler looks like a game changer. Been talking about this on Elektronauts. Really excited for it! Here’s come thoughts I shared over at the other forum.

There’s also a “pattern set” function which lets you switch patterns by pressing trigger pads, and an “event recording” function that records that performance.

-This is what the Octatrack needs. A way to record your whole performance “from scene to arrange mode” and further edit. Also recording fader movements into said mode would be key for Octa.

-Ok I assume with this electribe you can record your performance of track mutes scene changes and x-ypad movements, then possibly go back and over dub improvisations. Very powerful stuff, especially for live use. Then,oh, just bounce that to an Ableton session for mix down and adding further ITB sounds or what eve.

-I wonder if you can import Ableton sessions back into the electribe. Who needs a midi controller just save your set to a hardware groove box.

-If this stuff is true, some game changers here.

Also if that pre-order price is right…great work Korg!