New off white ob4

Why is this thing so expensive? I love the color!! I wish they had made them this color to start… but $1200?? Isn’t the regular one $600?? So twice the price for a cheap case and some African instrument instrumental? And I can tell that case is the same material as the clear pencil cases they sell, and those just fall apart… I bought one and it lasted two weeks and came apart and I babied it… they are nothing like their other cases that are actually made well… the black cases are some of the best I have seen…

Yes. There are also clothes.

Apparently the pockets on the jacket are to put the bits that fall off your OP-Z into.


The “off white” one is MUCH heavier so that you can put it on top of the OPZ to stop it spontaneously bending when not using it. :smile:

virgil was such a visionary genius… its so depressing that the only discussion here around his collab with TE is just totally worthless. he was genuinely interested in TE and frequently came to sweden to work with them. virgil’s work was so inspiring to me. now here we are on this forum with these posts, just makes me sad.

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If he was such a genius, then why did he design the case to be made out of a material that is widely known to fall apart?? Genuinely curious… Not throwing shade, I love off white, and get there pricing and have some shoes by him… but usually if you buy designer brands, the stuff is made very well to last lifetimes… this is a orange ob4 in a cheap case right?

Visionary? He failed to predict the days of buying overpriced crap are over.