New OP-1 Field 😮

One thing they say they have improved tape looping in the OP-1F - this is something the OP1 could really benefit from.


I’m not sure what does or doesn’t qualify as ‘mass-market’ and how that effects production costs? but the OP1 was the best selling synth on Reverb for 2021

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@Kja still waiting on a response to this one, genuinely curious!

Wouldn’t this only means it changes hands a lot?
FWIW, on Thomann, it’s #13 of new sales in synthesizer segment.


Interesting point!

I think I already realised a few hours after my comment that 8 Tracks cannot make sense because of the 4-button design under the screen… of course not :kissing:

custom made :relieved:


Good they gave him a unit!


Sounds amazing!

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i could not disagree more especially since he’s operating on the notion that the original was overpriced too

TE doesn’t owe anybody anything

i feel sorry that he feels this way but nobody should’ve been defending a corporation like TE with expectation that they care

to me the comparison to roland fell flat

this whole response to the price is baffling

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They just want TE to make the new Op-1F cheap like if it was some type of volca and they do some crocodile tears so they can get some views on youtube. That dude is trippin. TE does some unique stuff and it’s some crazy engineering to make a device like this. 2k for a complete hi-def studio? yes I’ll buy if it fits my needs. end of story.


Agreed, I would likely use pattern sequencer most of them all if it had at least 32 (but even better 64) steps!

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I think it is due to the fact that TE is simply able to sense consumers’ (or a subset of them) desires exceedingly well. Do I care that I can’t afford a car? No. Do I care that I’m not able to impulse by a TX-6 and a OP-1F? Yes. :laughing:

But I think is both pointless and to the point to complain about price. We live in a capitalist world system, after all. It’s TE’s product, so they will set the price as they see fit. On the other hand, complain enough, and maybe Behringer will make a cheapo version… However, it won’t answer to your desires as “completely” as TE’s products.

It’s no coincidence that TE’s Jesper likes Lamborghinis. Sports cars represent desire over practicality for cars, just like TE’s products do for synths and audio equipment.


Couple of questions -

The Bluebooth midi thing - does this mean you can trigger the OP-1 via the ipad? Only asking as Scaler 3 is being developed as an app. Would be cool to trigger the OP-1 via it

Sample time has increased. What about the slots? So for multi sampling synths onto OP-1 keys? I remember it was 12 seconds before? Has this increased?

They are IMO some of the highest objects of design.

2374€ at Gear4Music. WTF.

Yeah I did not mean to imply that TE’s products are not great. Just that the same ”functionality” can be achieved with a cheap laptop. Just like a sports car has no extra utility in normal use.

Some additional info here. Main takeaways for me that I hadn’t heard mentioned before:

(1) looping issues from the original OP-1 are completely fixed. No pops or cracks etc. Should be seamless.

(2) long product roadmap for this model, with a lot of updates planned. Sounds like the spec enhancements are pretty significant.


I just mean I don’t think it’s is a accident that the last engine update on opz was exactly a new reverb and va engine just like these… the things missing most from both units. I’m not sure if they are exactly the same, but I’m sure they are very much related. I think they could have easily just have them to current op1 users free, liked opz got… instead now you upgrade hardware for them…

From my limited perspective of seeing the parameters I think you’re right when you say “I’m not sure they’re exactly the same”

The Dimension synth looks to have more waveform options and a modulation and stereo field knob, the OP-Z analog synth doesn’t have that.
The mother reverb looks to have Color and Gate parameters making capable of different things than the OP-Z reverb.

It’s pretty clear to me how these two updates aren’t really compatible with the original OP-1 as they’re both very much stereo-centric, and potentially (reverb) more taxing than the OG is capable of (both in additional storage and processor capabilities)

But i wouldn’t say anything is wrong with these updates because they’re building on what they already have. That’s what all companies do? Some don’t even build upon what they’ve got :joy:

I’m looking forward to what TE continues to build on this platform!

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