New OP-1 lemur sequencer

I’ve been making this for the past two days and hope to post it soon on

But now the site seems to be under attack for some reason.
Anyway I’ve got almost everything working, and it should make for a very versatile and OP-1 dedicated sequencer with sequenced CC.
Something to do in those long hours before the PO’s arrive :slight_smile:
I’ve got a lot of work so I can’t finish it for another couple of days. But I’ll do my best to post it soon.

Looks pretty good!

@Kites Thanks. The idea, is to use a layout that mimics the OP-1, so it’s easy to remember where the desired sound is and easily mess around with different sounds. The fader row controls velocity of each step. The gesture object on the right hides the op1 layout and magnifies the sequencer.

Dude…sequenced cc…dude, DUDE!!!

Few questions: is it 16 steps or more, does it sustain the note until the next step and can I set BPM?
Cuz if you can set your own bpm and sustain until next note…my god, that thing will be a monster, then you can sequence the OP-1 sequencers…would be so awesome. It would be as good as peanut butter and jelly on sliced bread.

Nicely done.

Looks pretty good, alpha/beta version would be awesome since I can’t wait.

Wow, looks great :slight_smile:


Finally finished vers. 1.0.
It's fun and pretty fast.
Hope to have some response from those who wants to try it.
I have some new ideas for 2.0, but I'll also be happy to take advice from you guys.
It's available here:

Awesome, thanks @Clawsome, will give it a go!


As a side note
Me and a mate have started last week with the initial steps in developing a hardware sequencer that will do something similar (and more) on the cheap and hopefully survive the forray of music hardware retail.

@Erhenius Cool! Best Of luck to you. What’s your idea?

Looks pretty sweet; I’ll test it out when my OP-1 gets here!

Nice job @Clawsome, Looks straightforward, but do you have any instructions?

An option to take a walkthru should appear on start up. If not : swipe up in the right side field, choose control, choose show walkthru. If something is unclear post any questions here and get back to you asap.

Ah, thanks, I’ll give it a go sometime tonight !

Looks pretty cool and straightforward @Clawsome ! The only feature request I’m having at the moment is related to setting the bpm; on my iPad Mini it’s kind of impossible to set the value to integers with the slider. Maybe it’s my clumsy fingers but all I can dial in are decimals like 122.76, 89.45, etc. Would be nice to have a pop-up window and the keyboard come up after hitting tempo, so that one could type in the desired bpm. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I hear you @jooga1972

I’ll put in something to do an exact bpm. Thank’s for commenting

Can’t seem to get it working with my Ipad, I followed the instructions in the tutorial. It’s connected with the Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable. Other Lemur apps do work.

The CC does work, but I can’t seem to get any sound out of any sequencers.