New OP-1 OS #235



it‘s live.


Nice. I waited for this one.

  • shift + stop toggles hi-res tape grid for editing


still no mix-paste. wtf


You can mix paste multiple takes into sampler if the length is not greater than the limit…


yea i know what i can, but N years later it still puzzles me how an elementary mix-paste from tape to tape simply isn’t available.


This is a glorious update.


I love it that we still get new features. I mean, how many synths get those eight years after release? :heart:


No more Midi hassle. it feels rock solid now
edit: 15 minutes later had about 3 times stucking encoders on OP-1 while using midi lfo, sequenced by OP-Z. they seriously should check the midi settings within OP-1. now is the time


Nice to bring this! I’m curious about the grid edit thing!


What’s new in the update?


That’s increased resolution of tape grid finally makes it available to accurately loop for time signatures different from 4/4. Great!


I found a whole OP-Z section in com.svg inside the firmware!


^ nice to see. kinda assumed there will be some integration between the two!


as i suggested! :slight_smile:

was this the only picture?


When I spoke to TE a few weeks ago they mentioned the new firmware would have improved OP-Z connectivity; I think Bruno Kram mentioned that in a recent post too. But with the new firmware I’m not finding any op-z connectivity or improvements yet. Anyone figure out how to have the op-z sync with the op-1?


I spoke with Tobias today and he told me about how the new sync on the op1 doesn’t use the same algorithm for receiving clock so it starts on the “1” everytime, but I haven’t had time to install it yet.


For the amount of money they are charging now we should get a ton of new updates.


I tried just to connect them with a USB-C to Mini USB cable and the connection happens instantly and they are both synced and transport functions work as expected as well.


I got this kind of sync working using the same type of cable even with #225.


Ugh I feel so left out now… :frowning: