New OP-1 shipping time?

Does anybody have any information on how long TE is taking to ship the new OP-1?

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I contacted them today and the support people said that:

We are experiencing a high work load at our warehouse the moment […] We are expecting the shipping time to take longer than usual.

If anyone bought one of the new units, I’d love to hear how long it took to ship.

I’m confused as to why the OP-1 isn’t marked as “out of stock” like their other items. I placed an order but perhaps I should have waited… Very curious as to how long people have been waiting for the new ones!

I think it’s in stock. It’s just that they’re overloaded trying to ship them all out. That’s just a guess though, based on the email from the support folks.

Ah! Hopefully thats the case, thanks!

Ordered mine Thursday. Besides accepting the order I’ve heard nothing.

Friend ordered one on 2/15 and canceled his order 9 days later, nothing had shipped.


Same here. Ordered Thursday, and I emailed them yesterday. The email reply was very prompt at least :wink:

Shipped! Ordered Thursday, shipped today. Three working days. Not bad.

Just got a ship notice.

They must be watching. :wink:


Shipping to the US from Sweden…their US supply must be depleted.

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Nice! Where in the US and how long is the expected shipping time?

Sarasota, FL. Arrives Thursday. So one week ordered to in-hand from Sweden (if all goes well).

I’m in the same boat - soon to be a new user! I ordered Thursday to the US and it shipped yesterday from Sweden. Hopefully getting to me Thursday…

Ordered a OP-1 last weekend to Hamburg, Germany and still have not got any shipment information. I learned that TE just moved to a new office end of last week too. Anyhow with payment in advance and the increased price I expect immediate delivery as well as the right amount of quality assurance.

I get quite annoyed reading through actual quality issues with the device. Am possibly thinking to cancel my order too if the process takes longer than a couple of days just for the shipment. Things / information here and on reddit just confuse me while my OP-Z is performing very well and my POs are lets say acceptable from the quality point of view. Anyhow all of those devices are a lot of fun to use and boost my creativity.

I highly recommend ordering from a retailer. The TE warranty only covers one year since purchase, german retailers offer minimum two years, and up to five years.

I would have done that, but there are no retailers carrying them yet. Also, isn’t TE bound by German law here, even if shipping from Sweden?

It is - you got one year warranty by law meaning that TE needs to ensure it is not their falt. In the second year of “warranty” it is the other way around that the customer needs to prove its TEs fault.

If possible I always buy from Thomann. They have great service, and a three-year warranty.

The retailer is bound to the law of his own country, not the one of the customer.