New OP-1 shipping time?


Sure as long as its better then EU law ;).


Just got my shipment notice :). We´ll see. Keeping my fingers crossed that the device is fine.


I bought my op1 in hambutg 2016. I would never ever buy direct ftom TE. Never. The first 3!!! Op1s i received were all faulty, 2 times from thomann and one from session. Send them back to the shops , no problem. The working one i think was ftom justmusic. German shops are by far the best. Thank gd i had zero dealing with TE…never will either


Arrived. That’s one week and one day — ordered Thursday, delivered the following Thursday.

Now, let’s hope it works :wink:


Keeping fingers crossed!

Still no change in UPS tracking on my side. Did your tracking stated ready for pickup for more then a day too?


Mine still says ready for pickup. Got a shipment notification yesterday.


Yes. I think TE sends the shipping info to you when they’ve packed it. UPS picked it up a bit later.


Uh…way to pack, guys.


I’ve seen a $1.50 pack of screws packed better than this.

Guess I’ll power it up and let it bake.


No way!!! TE is slippin!


Uh that looks horrible. Fingers crossed the unit is fine! Let us know when you are out of the thrill.


Maybe contact ups because they are technically responsible assuming it was insured.


Mine was packed the same way. Arrived safe and dry though.


On a positive note can we get some photos or videos of everyone’s new machine in action?!


Dont listen to the haters. TE knows best, the bumps and twists it got make for a more realistic sound and better …A 1.400 euro product packaged worse that a pair of aliexpress used replica shoes. TE are prooving to be more inovating that anyonr thought possible…


I thought the same in regards to lack of packing material after opening mine, but this thing feels like a tank. The build quality seems great, and I see why they don’t pack it more than the foam it comes with - though they should. Mine works perfectly and I love it already, it’s even better than I had hoped it would be.

I started hearing voices from it and got spooked, but then I realized I had the radio active.


Yes…they know best…they know that is pointless adding a bit foam at 0.05 cent cost is not worth it…you pay 1,400…you dont get free shipping and it comes packaged like canned tomatoes…you people are … well…whatever …TE rules…


thats just pathetic. Just how long would it take to stuff some wrapping paper in there to prevent the box being knocked around? Obnoxious gits! (The worst packing ive ever experienced came from GuitarGuitar who sent out a s/h tc-helicon voiceliveplay gtx pedal in a standard grey plastic waffer-thin BAG, not even bubble-wrapped. Now, what kind of inconsiderate prick would do that? The courier then went one better and dropped it over the back gate!! Amazingly it had no dents, just a foot switch that fell off). They need to get their act together.


can one of you new users take a photo of the new screen please? Super curious to see it.


Someone already commented somewhere that there is no difference whatsoever…