New OP-Z OS 1.2.31 😌

it’s up, it’s coming in at the right time with the midi channel switching shortcut, numerous bugfixes. :heart_eyes:


something happened to the engines, they’re deeper structured in sound, like having more CPU for the definition of the Synth. never had the Bass track being so gnarly and punchy, it’s like a higher resolution, on the filters, playing with it right now.


thanks @JohnnyEgo - got a gig in couple of days and hoping it’s true re more gnarly bass!

The Saw Sub Noise With Filter synth engine was there already?
I see as well that the MIDI configuration page has more settings, ain’t it? I don’t remember an option to set each track to a custom channel and it rocks!

man it’s so inspiring after all the Typhon and PT teaser shots to use the OP-Z and it’s such a bad ass synth tho, versatile

Haven’t been able to update yet. Does anyone know if they fixed the voice drop-out issue? Ever since 1.2.28 my older projects (and some newer one) have been struggling with voice stealing/dropout. It’s almost like I’ve hit some limit on the global polyphony and notes just start dropping out.

Every time I roll back to any previous firmware this issue disappears. (Has anyone else experienced this?)

iOS app 1.2.12 is now showing up on my devices, as well as macOS, any Android users here who are able to check theirs?


what do you mean? :relieved:

The current app version on Android.

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Just updated Android app to 1.2.12.

Bass synths definitely sound better after opz update.

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anyone able to tell me how to activate mono on the drum tracks?

This is added to the note style knob (track+blue). The available styles are now “trig”, “mono”, “gate”, “loop”, in that order.

Poly would be awesome like 4 notes on 1 step on the drum tracks. :upside_down_face:

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Mono sample mode is welcome!

Kinda MPC style. Nice choke group alternative. Now can you automate the play mode?


I can tell for at least one track that the voice stealing issue seems to be gone. Had several patterns with a guaranteed dropout and it’s all fine now.

But I also got the feeling that this issue just “shifts” from FW to FW. The dropouts just seem to appear somewhere else. But I haven’t come across any with OS 1.2.31, yet.

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For my sanity, please help me understand… am I the only one somewhat underwhelmed with this update? I realize we are in unprecedented times, and I also realize that TE has a process. However, I specifically recall Jonas Aberg getting very excited for future updates that were in the works, as mentioned in this Midnight Operations video.

I surely will take whatever I can get, and I am not complaining. But am I the only one in this community feeling a little let down?

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this may be the calm before the Drum Engines hit…


Oooh, I don’t know about this, care to elaborate? Thanks

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Finally got around to updating, unfortunately I’m still getting dropouts, but like you said, it’s just different tracks this time.

For example on one of my track:

1.2.26: No dropouts
1.2.28: Bass track would drop out on every other note
1.2.31: FX/Sample track would drop out on every first downbeat (but no longer bass)

It’s very strange, I’m going to stick with 1.2.26 for the time being since I have some unfinished projects I’m still working on, and whenever I perform live, I can’t be having those dropouts.