New OP-Z Sound Engines and FX

TE just released 2 new synth engines and 2 new FX engines:

analog - saw, sub, noise with filter envelope
organ - 8 different fm organ sounds
reverb - clean reverb with light modulation
chorus-80 - oldschool chorus

Testing them out now, would love to hear what everything thinks.



On the OP-Z App

They announced it on IG:

bug fix. lol


Doesn’t it require a FW update? How come?

So I was able to install the new engines via the App; however, the Analog engine crashes the OP-Z every time I try to play it, the Organ engine sounds exactly like the Bow engine. The new Reverb is working well; however, the chorus just turns the volume down when I turn it up on any track…?

I’m having the same issue. The Analog engine always crashes and the chorus effect doesn’t seem to do much of anything. And actually, now that you mention it, Organ does sound suspiciously like Bow.

From TE on Instagram, this fixed everything for me (the analog crashing, the chorus, and the orgran sounding like bow.


Yes, works perfect now

Does attack (envelope) work on Analog for you? Only changes the sound a bit for me, but does not work like „attack“ should.
Apart from that I love the new sounds.

Broken here, too.

It would appear that attack is modulating P2 and the filter on Analog, instead of the volume. If you turn P2 all the way up and the filter all the way down, attack will have an impact.

Yup I just recognised that TE even states that in the IG post:
saw, sub, noise with filter envelope.
It seems DSR still work as amp-envelope…?

So it’s probably not a bug! Sad for me, for I’m an absolute slow-attack-fetishist :joy::joy::joy:

Still love it though.

“Analog” is so Gnarly and beautiful. can’t believe how the OPZ keeps growing so naturally


I have a problem I think. I updated the op-z and the app and loaded the new fx engines.
After that, some of my usersamples are now „unknown plug“. They light up on the op-z but cannot be played. They are all from My selfrecorded samples from the op-z sampler are working.
When I look on my computer in the op-z folder with these samples, there is not the aiff file in there.
I’ve tried now several times to drag the aiff in. They are there after a restart of the op-z.
After starting the app and syncing in the configurator, the problem is there again


I had this issue too. Solves
It by removing them and then reinstalling from my computer (not the app). That seemed
To fix it

When I try to “Commit” in configurator via the android app, the loading bar just hangs. The new FX and Engines are not present for me on the Mac version of the app. Has anyone had success with either of these versions and the new configs?

Yes, for me too, but when I try to load the new fx and synth engines, the problem is there again.
Maybe it’s a firmware bug, because I updated right before to 1.2.17

I’ve updated everything / app on iPhone and Mac / OP-Z and I am not seeing the new engines or fx anywhere - it’s not very clear to me what is meant to happen (whether it’s automatically appearing in the app and therefore should also be reflected on the op-z?) or how to install the new features in some manual way if that’s the case.

Can someone who has it up and running explain how you got there please?


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power cycling after sync helps out there.

@jasl you have to check the TE App “Configurator” in order to reconfigure your samples and synth engines, just sneak around and you’ll know what to do.