New Phone will not connect to OB-4


I’ve had my OB-4 for a year and love it. However just the other day my old phone met its end and I’ve since purchased a new Galaxy S22. Upon trying to connect my bluetooth to the OB-4 I received a message that I needed an app. So I downloaded Orthoplay and from here it would not connect to the OB-4 and would be perpetually scanning. Then I saw there was an update. “This must be it” I thought. HOwever when I try to update it stays perpetually bootloading and never updates. So as of now I have 0 bluetooth functionality. Anyone with experience with this issue? Are the bluetooth and bootloader issue likely two separate issues or related? Appreciate any insight.

Redmi phone here, stuck on scanning…

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Still nothing from TE support…

With android phones I had to remove the OB-4 from the Bluetooth list, and then scan for it in the app; have you tried this?

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Will try it out, ta Scott.

No joy. The phone.shows that it sees it but the app only shows Scanning.

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My issue exactly. TE service suggested a factory reset but I haven’t been home to try it yet.

Tried that a few days ago, zip.

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Dang. Have you reached to support about this?

Not yet, but after reading the response you got I can’t get to hopeful

Ok so the factory reset seems to have worked for me. Hold play and input while turning the unit 0n and follow the instructions. Id maybe remove any previous connection your phone may have had through bluetooth.


Nice one! Will give it another shot later.


Bingo Ringo! It now works! Under devices list ‘spider’ was an option to Bluetooth pair. Hit that and all ok. Thanks for helping.


Anytime! Happy to help a fellow OB4 owner. :+1:


you should not have to perform a factory reset in order to pair a new audio device. it should be enough to switch source to bt and scan for the speaker on your new phone. pair with OB-4.

running the latest OB-4 os is always recommended.

thanks, jacob

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Hello @jacobs,

While I understand this is the way it is supposed to work, it did not. The factory reset was suggested by TE service, and the procedure has also resolved @jim identical issue as well.



ok. this should be investigated. thanks.


I notice anytime I ask someone to connect to the OB-4 that’s using an android phone can’t connect right away. I don’t find it practical to have them download the app just to play a couple songs if they don’t own the device.

@Deek311 : they should not need the app to pair with the unit to play music.

the pairing behavior will most likely change in the future, to be less confusing. in the meantime, a workaround might be to unpair the other already paired devices first (or disable bluetooth on them).

@jacobs thanks for the reply. I’ve always unpaired the current device before having them pair. If it’s an IOS device there’s no problem with pairing. I find it’s only android devices seems to have the issue. Hopefully someday they fix it so I can show android people the cool features that make up the OB-4.

Quick question, I have a Braven Ready Elite that allows two people to pair to the speaker at once. When someone’s playing a song and the other presses play, it switches to their song. This is my favorite feature on the braven and I was wondering if it would ever be possible with the OB4?