New product from TE? Just got a notification from FCC

What do you think? Any ideas of what it might be? The photos are confidential for now :massage_woman:


the label is public, it might give us more information


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Could it be a op-z module with bluetooth audio out, And fm transmitter ?

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@fallen_lassen How did you come to that conclusion?

Are you just saying what you would like to see? :joy:

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From the RF exposure report (, it details the power supply being a 3.7V USB-C rechargeable battery… pretty sure that belongs to the OP-Z. Maybe the fabled green module is coming out soon :thinking:


Looks like some type of Blue tooth transmitter module, from the OP-Z. My guess is that it has 3.5mm jacks for line in, so you would be able to mix, and apply FX to incoming source (from the module jacks) or MIDI maybe via the OP-Z, and then transmit to OB-4 or the new
Nothing ear
earbuds. I could see this would boost the OB-4 and Nothing Ear units for the holidays. Hoping there is some interesting capabilities added to the OP-Z.

I don’t get it, the OP-Z already has a built-in BT transceiver, why would TE add another one as an expansion module?

Spec says BLE, that’s not the same as Bluetooth
The OB-4 comes with “Classic” Bluetooth, but also BLE (Low Energy). The latter in particular offering up some potential interesting functionality beyond audio — Teenage Engineering says it will be used for MIDI, too (and even possibly “mesh” connections with other devices). I’m guessing they will have some compelling demos of what you would be able to do with the OP-Z, transmitting to OB-4, via BLE.

Interesting, my guess, is that the integration will drive unit sales for both the OB-4, and the OP-Z with some added value, of potentially MIDI devices adding to the mix, literally. Hmmm, will give a boost to both units. Clever product management.


Seriously guys, why should the EUT name be “BLE speaker”, if it was an OP-Z module?
Also, the report states that only one model of models TE024ASXXX (X=0-9) was tested and all the other models just differ in color. OP-Z modules don’t differ in color.
Also, OP-Z modules have the trade mark ZM-X (OP-lab ZM-1, rumble ZM-2, so we are waiting for ZM-3), this product has the trade mark CH-8.

This won’t be the next OP-Z module and yes, that also saddens me :slight_smile:


Because it is related to the Ob-4?

well, no matter what it may be, the internal/external photos, user manual, etc get released on 12/22 so either TE releases whatever this is by then or we’ll be getting a sneak peek :slight_smile:

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I’m really hoping it might be an 8 channel mixer, hence the name: CH-8

A small external mixer from TE for the OPZ is something I have long wished for. It would need 9 channels now though to include one for the new module track as well :wink:

Maybe it is that stupid pocket mixer done earlier by Kayne west…

Or the raven H ?

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That thing that eats pop-corn? Maybe…

Mabe it is some form of hub that receives 8 channels of audio stream via bluetooth.


My guess is that this is the speaker for the

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I thought about that too but that doesn’t come in multiple colors