OB-4 feature request

  • FX on line-input. Various fx inc. op-1f reverb:) Slow phaser for those Electric Mainline Spiritualised drone vibes.

  • Option to switch out ‘mantra’s’ to and upload user-made loops/samples. Ditto for replacing the 808 kick for another one shot ie;909, or snare etc

  • Reverse play loop.

  • Multi-sample/over-dubbing loops…this would be fckin’ beautiful!

  • Split/pan, two incoming (2xradio, radio+input) to Left + Right speakers.

  • Stereo width adjustment.

  • Motion warping.

  • EQ controls/or presets


*Preset sound staging

*Adjustable Led/display brightness; bright to off.

*Auto volume presets

*Keyword Magic. Any time the words ‘journey’ ‘gamechanger"woke’ under-rated’ are detected, the ob-4 automatically bleeps out the offensive cliche

is it technically possible to turn the input into an output?


I agree with Jim’s suggestions especially reverse loop, overdubbing and saving your own loops! It’s time for some updates!


  • A way to get to the beginning of the recording or jump back 15min steps.

  • Save your own loops over mantra or a way to delete mantra.

  • When adjusting tape speed by holding input and turning volume knob. When letting go of input and press it again, have it stay at that speed instead of jumping back to normal speed.

  • bluetooth export Midi notes from loop. Like the PO?

  • root key of music on display

  • auto long fade sleep timer mode.

  • reverse FM scanning/scrolling.

(none of these suggestions are really needed but, no.1 would be a beautiful bonus)


Reverse fm scanning is already There.
Hold input and press play.
And scrolling also.
Hold play And scroll with the tape dial


Are they still updating the OB-4 ? I didn’t see see any addition to the disk mode since the release…

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nice one, cheers FL x

Yes they updated a few times.
More stable tape functions and beatmatch quantized/unquantized ,
And 808 kick metronome with decay and pitch parameters etc…


which os update version?

Almost Every update .

Manage loops from Orthoplay app easily including save, delete and copy features besides playback.

I’d also love to see an update to transfer loops from the OB-4 to a computer via Bluetooth to use in a DAW for beat making.

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A way to switch directly from ambient mode to the input mode used previously (radio or line in or bt) without pressing more times input button

keep pushing the play button can bring you directly to ambient mode, I’d like a function to come back (now if I want to come back and forward to ambient mode, I reduce or raise the xfade function, but I always have to stay in ambient mode (so no loops and others effects)


@luuca: long hold both buttons when in ambient to get back to current mode without ambient applied.



thank you very much :crazy_face:

Oh wow, didn’t know that one!