OB-4 - I've found a suitable bag option

I was looking for a bag or case for my OB-4 for transport from one place to another. I don’t need anything to keep in it whilst it’s in use (like the official options) but something to carry it in and then to take it out for use.

I happened to have the following already which works great -


It’s the 0909 9 X 9 X 2.75-Inch size.

The OB-4 fits in the main compartment very well (with a small strip of foam across the top to protect the volume dial) and I put my Ortho Remote in the front pocket. The front pocket is also a great fit for an OP-Z (with Deck Saver) and cables as well.


I’ve been looking for a case and this look good. Thanks for sharing.

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Roland case designed for Boutiques, £50. It just needs a little tweaking. I do love a good bag:)

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Nice find!

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it’s a practical solution. Plus good value. Also, I’m 46 so I can’t really look cool carrying a boombox in a green bag on my back.

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Not with that attitude! :sweat_smile:



I was just joking that you can pull it off with the right attitude… bad joke, my apologies

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bag gift from my Sister is perfecto fit.


Ooo that’s nice. I see a Diesel branding, any idea the model?

No model type in bag and I’ve searched online to no good. It does have one hideously ott shoulder strap though! (Fits nice inside the Roland bag as well)

This is the sort of bag they should be creating, instead of a lot of these other bags and cases they sell which are all form and no function.

Something like the above with dedicated sections/pockets for OB4, OP1/OP1f, OPZ, TX6, some POs and a nice big section for cables, adapters, OPZ modules etc. which could hold a cable organiser with it all in.


Call off the dogs…got this yesterday…

For those in the UK, get yourselves down to your local Tesco Extra store and look for their back school stuff. The best bit (apart from the groovy pens and reminder lyric note cards!)…

£15.00. And with a Tesco clubcard (which are free)…it’s £3.75. Seriously. Get 'em before they go x


I’m about to go on a road trip and wonder how sturdy is the OB-4 for travelling? The bags shown above leave the cones still quite vulnerable. Are the cones sturdier than I imagine?

You might trim a piece of cardboard, mat board or poster board to fit over front of unit to protect those speaker cones. Good find! Thanks for sharing