OB-4 Update: 1.5.9

New update!

  • Updates to the saved loops section of disk mode
  • Updates to loop saving
  • Bug fixes

I’ve noticed a few things from a first glance
First of all they fixed the order of saved loops, so now the first loop you have saved is #1 and then it counts up, instead of the other way around like before
Also, they added a speed mode to loop playback. Previously, you could hold input to adjust the loop length. Now, input is designated to adjusting the speed, and you can hold input + play to adjust the loop length.
You can also use input + tape dial to quickly switch between saved loops.

Was hoping to see a way to be able to delete or export saved loops, maybe through the app, unfortunately I believe that wasn’t included here.

Has anyone found changes I haven’t mentioned?


Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for this info. Really wish there would be an update to the OB-4 sample loop management.
I’d like to export, delete, re-order loops—maybe an update to the Orthoplay app?


nice one Joey, cheers!

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HIya all. I was hoping you could answer a question I have regarding your OB-4 please;
when you have the volume down at the absolute minimum, can you hear any warble/ fluctuation/ sounds coming through? Mine does, on every damn mode, not just the radio.



I’ll check this first thing in the morning

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no not at all, totally quiet here on mine


Same here. Nothing at all


Mine has still the warbeling issue. In all modes. Even after updating to 1.5.9. It makes me sad that they dont fix it.


@joey were you just notified in the app? I’m not seeing the update. Also, if you register, does TE send out software update emails when there is something new? I usually don’t “hang out” in the orthoplay app :innocent:


I was notified straight in the app.
The OB-4 picture had the word UPDATE across. Couldn’t miss it.


Yeah, that’s a sod. Still find it weird how it’s not the same for every model. Happy others don’t have this issue that were do though.

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I also dont see it

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Same here: no update visible on orthoplay.

Still no update for me in the app… so weird

I the same issue… I had to uninstall the app and then reinstall, and the update appeared.


hmm @7liquids , was that iOS or android? I tried on my iPhone and it still isn’t showing up :frowning_face:


Hello, I’m new to the OB-4. It’s fun to create my own karma loops which got me thinking how other than the obvious requests of exporting loops via the app (which I suspect will be a problem as Bluetooth isn’t the best when it comes to large file transfers) I would also like to see some basic drum beats added to the metronome or the current selection of Mantras could be augmented/replaced with something more creative.

I think there’s a bit more that could be added to the OB-4 despite it having a limited number of buttons and dials.

Here’s hoping that the powers that be are cooking something up for a future update…speaking of which mine updated fine using the OrthoPlay App on an old(ish) iPhone.

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for metronome: OB–4 guide

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