Ob4 + Ortho Remote

I cannot find a “sync button” on the ob4. I tried holding the Input and the Play buttons but that didn’t work. Has anyone synced the two successfully? Thanks for any help.

They probably sync up through the Orthoplay app. It’s also how you update the OB-4 firmware

it’s a little confusing because there are no clear instructions on how to do it in the ortho remote guide. basically, you have to switch modes on the OB-4 to bluetooth and you should see a flashing blue light when you do. then, hold down the pairing button on the ortho remote for 3 seconds until you see the flashing blue light. after a few seconds, they should connect and the ortho remote should have a green light. hope this helps!


Yes it is confusing because the instructions are geared to theRemote and OD-11 and has no clear cut away to do it on the ob4. I did get the blue flashing and the green light but I still can’t get the Remote to do anything with the 4. Crazy!

I’ve got the Remote to sync with the iOS Ortho app but the remote still doesn’t control the ob4.