Official spare IO. USA? 36$

No Link just email TE as a business through there communication box on the website.

I got one of those once, it is a one time only purchase link, it will not work for other people.

ooops sorry will delete— Moral of the story if your in the US and need a spare. now is the time to email TE.

$36 for something that will probably die again is easier to stomach than $50.

And hey, if my output jack is the one that breaks this time, I can always try and cobble together another working IOboard! lol…

@masterofstuff124, how long did they estimate it would take to get to you. I bought it last week, but just got a shipping confirmation this morning. Womp womp wommmpp

still havnt got my shipping confirmation. got a receipt from them and paypal. i wonder if its shipping from them or in the US. if its them expect a 2.5 week ship time.

They told me Sweeden, and under 4 weeks, so 2.5 sounds about right. Thanks

^just got my shipping confirmation. Doesn’t say were it is shipping from or how long. no tracking either. atleast I have one coming…

Yep, they told me no tracking number would be provided. What state are you in?


it’ll enter the US through USPS via Chicago most-likely.

UPS is… Louisville, KY iirc. Fedex’s main hub is Memphis, TN.

^my op1 came many moons ago from UPS.

Hey gang - I sent an email to TE regarding this and they sent me back a message stating that they're partnering with iFixit to sell them now in the US... $50... And they state they're "used" boards...??? What gives??? Did I miss a message somewhere??? Could someone explain the obvious, in case I'm missing it??? LOL

so when we could get them direct they were $36, now $50 used from iFixit with no guarantees, warranty, or ability to return?? They don’t even test them.

That’s fucking insulting.

WTF!? That’s some straight bull!

@masterofstuff124 any sing of your board yet?

negative. its only been a week. i expect it another 2 weeks or so…

Oh only a week? It feels like ages :frowning:

Ok my board came in the other day! Wish me luck…

someone actually bought one of these (2 remaining, they had 3).

Used/no warranty/as-is/no return IO boards for $14 more than we used to be able to buy new ones, this is not at all a good thing, TE. I love my OP-1, but it’s shit like this that makes me want to sell things and wash my hands of a company.

yea that is weird!