OP-1 and (BLE) midi

Anyone had success more than me ?

I can get the Op1f to pair with CME Widi stuff (I have a Master and a Jack) and it can get the Op1f to receive midi notes, but I cant seem to get OP-1 sending midi out to anything.

Also I can’t seem to pair it with any of my iOS devices- doesn’t show up in the bluetooth menu even when advertised.

A second issue (I’m new to Op1 and midi) - if I connect to my iPad via USB I can get midi out working, but it also triggers the internal Op1 sounds. Audio is coming in via usb to Op1f. Can I switch ‘local off’ on the Op1f so I can play the iPad synths with the Op1f keys and record direct into the op1f tape?

Not sure since i only tried with tx-6, but on iOS I need to connect it directly in the app like AUM or MiRack and its also not showing in the settings app. Hope this works for you as well.

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Yes that helped alot for the iOS stuff. I found an app called midimittr which was useful too.

So i can get bidirectional midi with iOS now.

But with the CME stuff only receiving midi on Op1f works

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When I tried it, there was no problem sending and receiving MIDI.
CME WIDI Master,WIDI Bud (Send and receive)
Xkey Air (Send only)

Also, to connect to other devices such as iPads with the OP-1 field keyboard and record the performance on field tape, I try to create and use silent sounds. The volume in play mode will not be completely 0, so I think there are several other ways, such as setting the volume in the negative direction with an LFO.

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No local off, however on the OP-1 original the best method was to create a silent sample.

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Weird. What firmware you running on Op1f and Widi master?

I’ve tried Widi Jack and Widi uHost so far running the latest firmware.
I can definitely get midi into the Op1f but not out.
I wonder where I am going wrong. I’ve even tried multiple restarts, factory resets etc

very helpful thanks

I’ve also had issues trying to send USB midi clock out to ‘hosted devices’.
Eg I tried connecting my TR-06 via usb and hoped I could get it to sync to the OP-1.

I don’t own the TR-06 (Boutique series), so I don’t know, but for example, the MC-101 works well for sending and receiving MIDI data and clock syncing. (Both USB and Bluetooth)

I have applied the latest firmware for both OP-1 field and WIDI Master.

In any case, I think that Bluetooth is fine as long as it is about keyboard input, but I think that the reliability will be low when it comes to sequences.

yeah I just want the midi notes to be sent out of the Op1f to the CME Widi Jack
It’s strange that it works for you with the Widi Master.
I will give that a try with one of my other synths as I have a Widi Master too

ok - what sort of cable you using - USB-c to USB-b, any kind of adapter?
TR-06 has a USB micro port, so I was using a converter for it…

I thought the Op1f couldnt do clock over bluetooth (at least what I read in another thread on elektronauts)

I checked. Clock sync with Bluetooth was my misunderstanding. sorry…
However, it seems that MC-101 sends start and stop to OP-1 field, so if you align the tempos of each other in advance, they will start at the same timing, so you may be able to use it like synchronization. … However, there may be some latency.

I think that there is no problem if the USB cable is compatible with data communication. For the MC-101 it’s a USB-C to USB-C cable, but I haven’t tried all the combinations, but I use various conversion adapters to connect with other devices. Maybe I’ve never had a problem. I try to be a little careful when using USB-B, but I don’t know how much it affects it.

MC-101 doesnt have usb-c does it? I thought it was a USB-b connection??

To be clear - here’s what I’d love to do:

  1. bluetooth midi note out from OP-1f to CME Widi Jack - not working right now
  2. USB midi clock out from OP-1f to TR-06 - so I can send analog clock from TR-06 to my modular and use OP-1f as the ‘master’

Ultimately #1 is most important to me as I’m wanting to use the keyboard to program my eurorack tracker Nerdseq wirelessly

If there is a solution to get OP1f to generate an analog clock via it’s USB-C midi out (any solution that isn’t a module and doesn’t require external power will be good!) that would be awesome.

Oh !! I’m really sorry. Also I made a mistake. MC-101 was not USB-C. I’m using this to convert from a USB-C cable.

I see … Why can’t WIDI Jack receive correctly … The power is coming from TR-06 to WIDI Jack, right? If so, I can’t think of a cause.
And when it comes to using the OP-1 field as a master, I can’t say anything more because I don’t care which one I control. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.


The issue was pairing the Op1f and CME devices in the ‘Shift+com list menu’.

Do not pair the devices. Just advertise the op1f to the CME device and it works without pairing.

When you pair the devices, it doesn’t work. Bizarre. Not sure what good the ‘list’ menu is!!

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That’s strange, I use a OP-1F and a CME widi and I have to pair them to get things to work. Usually when pairing in complete there is about a 5 second wait time until the cme is actually triggering notes on the field. after that i’m good.

I love BLE midi … I love this pair:

Easy scale and Chord Pad modes are incredible.

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