OP-1 back in stock (April 2019)

I had subscribed to email notifications, but did not get any, so perhaps this is news for everybody. The OP-1 seems to be back in stock from Teenage Engineering as I write, for the usual whopping price of EUR 1,399 (incl. NL taxes).

I owned one once and sold it like an idiot, but I am not getting one at this price, it really is too much. My DAW-less setup these days is made of a Digitakt, an Organelle and a Zoom H1n for recording.

Check marktplaats. They go for around 650€ Second hand.

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Gone again! I see it back on “Notify Me.”

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yes it has been discussed throughly here: OP-1 is back @ TE Online Shop aka. Valentines Day Surprise

650€ second hand

Not any more. That was years ago.

used to be the new price from Amazon!

Over here they still go for 650-700€

checked ebay.de yesterday: someone offerred 3 new “back to school” edition OP-1 for 700 inkl. all accessories and bags but only with bank transfer and no pickup possible. 2 have already been sold. but they will not see their money nor the op1.

In holland. There are always one or two op-1 s for sale on marktplaats.nl. For pick up.

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