OP-1 battle 70 - Amen, Hocus Pocus

After the Hocus Pocus is before the Hocus Pocus:
Therefore it’s my pleasure to host battle 70: Amen, Hocus Pocus.
Please upload your tracks to soundcloud with #OP-1Battle70 until 26.10.2020.

Here are the inspirational guidelines:

1.) AMEN,

Use the song „Amen, brother“ from the Winstons and sample it with your OP-1.
(Need not to be the classical Amen drum break, which we all know)
Me personally would love to hear samples from the chorus/intro or whatsoever.
Can be combined with the „classical“ drum break, though.

In other words: Do whatever you want with that historical piece of music.

If you need some more infos about the history of the Amen break you can find it here in audio version:
audio installation by Nate Harrison
or here if you want to read:
Amen @ wikipedia


Use sound samples from magic movies. Could be the sound effect when someone is using the magic wand or even some spoken words within that movie. Magic-movie is not very precise, but it’s up to you what magic means for you. Could be Toy story or maybe Terminator 2? Who knows…


No matter how long your song is, mess up the the last part with using „COW“ on tape excessively.
This is where the magic happens.

Like in the past, it’s ok to use other instruments, but they should be sampled through the OP-1.
I hope you enjoy that one!

ps: It is my first battle, so in case I overlooked some of the basic principles, please let me know :slight_smile:


You got it alright, cool brief!
The tag is a good idea :wink:


i love cows.


does anyone recognize my Hocus Pocus movie sample?

btw. i learned to appreciate the Amen like never before in doing this battle. thanks @F_R_A_N_Z

can’t wait to hear other entries!!

It’s a good idea to bump this, friend ^^

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Ten days left til the end of this battle. 15 until Hallowe’en. Coincidence?!

I’m so going to try and get one in this time.

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does anyone recognize my Hocus Pocus movie sample?

Nope but I do recognise the ‘Modern Problems’ sample!

Can you give us a hint? :ghost:

Haha - The BIG plan behind it all :jack_o_lantern:

@4teenth got the correct answer for the movie I sampled based on the Hocus Pocus rule of this battle. it’s an eighties movie with Chevy Chase and it has its own kinda HP. in the scene I sampled, a kind of voodoo exorcism is being attempted on the chemically altered character played by Chase.

it’s probably like one of the worst movies ever, but for some reason “I like it”.

bumping up to top with only two days left!

Thanks @kln for bumping this!
1 day left, please upload your tracks. Otherwise I feel like my battle was crap :scream:

I managed to drop something!
It’s short and dirty, but I had lots of fun with my Analog Four.


Edit: from Amen Brother I took the very first second.
And used the CWO only lightly ^^




If the day doesn’t end in the next couple of hours then you will have my track today :slight_smile:

… and here it is!

My Hocus Pocus sample is technically from a TV show, although it was later also a film. Thanks for the opportunity to play with the Cwow!


Supercool! I will open a new thread for voting, just tomorrow!


Anyone still working on a track?