OP-1 battle 70 - VOTING

Sorry for the slight delay (had to finish the advanced user features turorial from discobot)
Now that I know how to make a poll, here we go:

Thanks to everyone, who contributed to this battle. Great pieces!

Voting ends at Halloween - naturally :wink:

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Have a great time!

My vote goes for @krautpoputopia / Kosmonaut Bill.
Really dig the vocals and beat, the CWO magic and logical breaks :smiley:

@kln and @ssam your tracks were ace too!

Thank you @F_R_A_N_Z for this fun battle!

Big Up @krautpoputopia!!! :zap:

Congratulations dear!

Looking forward to read your next brief. Hope you don’t take too long: it’s lockdown chapter 2 here in France, lots of time on my hands ^^

Thanks for the votes…
I´m hoping to come up with the next chapter on wednesday…(here in Germany we´re also lockdowned again, but I unfortunately I´ll have to work tomorrow)
I also have to say, that I don´t have a clue how to make a poll for the voting…can someone please send some infos/links…thanks a lot

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I’ll help you with this, no problem.

It’s easy, in fact, you just have to click on the little gears button and then hit “build a poll”
Beware though, modifications of the post can alter the poll results, so you’ll want to carefully write your voting announcement, or add a post with the vote (which would be IMO the safest way to do so).

That was very fast…thank you!
And I had a sudden inspiration for the battle…just give me an hour for the translation, lol

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Austria also locks down tomorrow…
So I‘ll be ready for battle 71!