OP-1 battle 71 – Singing Saw G-Force Style

Ok, here are the rules:
Sample a singing saw.
(I would recommend tutorials (f.e. edgar guerreiro´s youtube basic tutorial), if you search for the „pure noises“ without piano etc…)

Modulate “your” saw somehow with the G-Force-Modulator.

Have fun!
That means, this time you can use as much external instruments/devices as you want to…
Most important thing is to shake your OP-1 :blush:
Of course, everything hast to be mixed and mastered on our beloved little device.
Please upload your tracks to soundcloud with #OP-1Battle71.

Deadline is 27.11.2020

Best wishes and good luck

P.S.: At first I also wanted you to sample a classic 70ies disco tune/break/loop of your personal choice as the 4th rule. But I decided against, because I don´t wanna make to much “crazy” rules. But feel free to experiment.


Sounds fun, Imma try and get on this.

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using g-forces.
“stretch a cow”. three words apply.
op-1 option.

haiku, with no undo.


I kinda cheated and posted to youtube instead of soundcloud because I made a little performance video of me noodling around with my track. The singing saw sample comes in at 1:05. I had no idea you could do that with a saw. A neat-o party trick, eh? I set the g force sensor to modulate the cwo delay time. The main ugly sample is some poor sap fiddling with a synthesizer guitar pedal. Can’t remember which one.


Just kidding here’s a link to Soundcloud too.


Anyone out there, who needs an extension for the weekend?

I had started something, but wasn’t pleased with what I got.
Not in the right mood these days… :thinking:

i am comping together a thing, can we have until Sunday night???


Sampling a singing saw is actually quite nice. Thank you @krautpoputopia for the kool idea.
I took the saw from Edgar Guerreriro’s tutorial and changed the high cut from the Nitro with G-force.

locked down Europe…


Yes, we can.

New (and last) deadline is 29.11.2020


Thank you!

Finally finished!

Since we were allowed to use other gear, main chords/“guitar sounding lead” are my Pianet T though 3 of the 4 (reverb or delay depending on need)
Boss FZ-2 (Hyper Fuzz - gain boost)
MXR Classic Distortion
MXR Carbon Copy
Strymon Big Sky
All Pianet played live. Solo lines of Pianet and Singing Saw sample played over 4 tape tracks live onto album.

Singing saw sample was affected by G-Force sensor on the “white” parameter (the loop end) for some nasty growls in the final 3rd section.

Had a lot of fun sprinkling the “ping” of another singing saw as a 12-tone serial “endless” sequence…

Thanks & hope it’s not just the 3 of us!

what a good idea. Will try that as well

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