OP-1 Battle #74: the Fake Battle -- VOTING

Here are the entries for OP-1 Battle 74, arranged for your convenience from shortest to longest in a Soundcloud playlist:

I am happy to see lots of interesting entries for this competition, it looks like we had fun building on our varied understandings and interpretations of jazz, which is what I was hoping for!

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You can’t vote for @FunkyJunky’s entry because it’s made on OP-Z but be sure to give it a listen as well:

Voting starts now and ends at 16.00UTC on Saturday 29th May!


I really enjoyed all the covers on this battle. Voted for rocksoul, the guitar and bass got me. psound74 was a close 2nd, the ending is great. Honorable mention to mixrasta.

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One more day of voting! If you’re undecided, time to make a decision :slight_smile:

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Thanks the folk who took time to listen to all the tunes and cast a vote, and of course, to all participants!

It appears that so far, we have a tie:

3 votes for @joeyfivecents and
3 votes for @psound74.

I have, I’m afraid, broken a long held rule by casting my own vote too early. So I can’t be the tie breaker in this situation.

In the interests of fairness, I think it’s best to extend the voting deadline by another 3 days, closing now on Wednesday 2nd June and ask that the good folk of this forum cast a few more votes, to give us a clear result. If you have a friend who hasn’t yet voted, please give them a friendly poke :slight_smile:

Does that sound fair?


Sounds fair to me.

Ehh I missed the voting period. i think.
i have listened to all the entries.
i think they all sound great !
how ever, im most impressed by So What !
the flow, mood and drums are just right, i was kinda expecting Miles to bust a horn at any moment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
i wish it had like a cool synth solo in the middle.

my #2 fav is “All the things you are”
good jam, but really miss drums.

make more battles, this is fun :blush:

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I really appreciate it! He extended the voting until June 2nd.

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Ouch! I claimed to extend voting, but I forgot to re-open the poll. My bad. You can now cast your vote, @funkyjunky :slight_smile:


The poll is now closed, for the final time!

We have to say congratulations to @joeyfivecents, winner of Battle #74 with “So What”, and: operator-in-charge of the next one: Battle #75. Three quarters of the way to 100 battles… this should be a special one!

Congratulations to all of us for hopefully learning something new about Jazz music and about the OP-1. Hope you enjoyed listening and creating.


Congratulations @joeyfivecents !

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Congratulations @joeyfivecents and everyone!
And thanks @ssam for hosting this battle!

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Congratz @joeyfivecents !
Looking forward to the next one

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Thanks! I’ll be thinking of something for sure. I can’t remember the number of the last battle I curated; it was about a year ago. Anyway, that one went well so I will give it my best. Enjoyed this one. EDIT: It was Battle #68 Turmoil and Change. Remember that one?

@joeyfivecents :trophy: congratulations!

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Congratulations from me, waiting for the new instructions! :selfie: