OP-1 Battle #76: off-the-grid

New battle, new rules:

  1. Empty the tape. Press the tempo/metronome key and turn the green encoder all the way counterclockwise to disable sync and the tape grid. This will be your tape setting throughout the whole battle. No grid. No cheating with pre-cut tape segments. Cut and paste only by ear.

  2. Use the SKETCH sequencer in at least one main element of your song.

  3. Keep the song length under 3 minutes.

  4. All recording and mastering must be done on the OP-1 only, final recording to album.

External gear is allowed but not mandatory.

Multiple entries per participant are of course allowed and very welcome.

Feel free to experiment with different BPM and timings. The tape doesn’t care anymore.

Try to stick to the rules, but feel free to break them if they stand in the way of your creativity.

Deadline is in about three weeks: Sept. 19th.EXTENDED TO SEPT. 26th


No external gear allowed?

External gear is allowed (added to the brief).

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I tried this out.

no grids, all punch-in.

used the sketch, and tbh…in some cases, it’s sketchy. I could try to fix some of the glitches, eventually.

sorry for going over time.


not sure if multiple entries are allowed.

I tried another one out.

again, punching in, and sketch used. although, felling a little less sketchy about this one.

or should we worry more?


Of course, multiple entries are allowed and very welcome (added to brief).

Hi all!
Nice simple brief!

i used the stock sketch for the opening pianet and drum samples but then erased it and made a few “morse code” and arp sketches. Had a lot of fun with the sound design and used the “Grid” reverb as the Master FX (never did that before!)

i did use the “loop In” button as a “zero stop” (like in the analog tape days) a few times to start the tracks at the beginning of the different sections all together but i picked my 3 loop in points manually with the metronome going…

This was simultaneously harder and easier than i thought; i’ll ponder a second entry…



I really like this! Very atmospheric and avant-garde!

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Hi all,
So here is my entry. Worked on it during commuting again :wink:
I used sketch to draw out the triggers of the first vocal sample which sounds something like “Just no wish no more” (still had some chops laying around on the drum sampler). While recording I changed the tempo, not the speed, down and then up again, making it challenging to sequence the drums in time with it. So I decided to live-record all the drums to it. This way I was free to exaggerate the slowing down and speeding up of the tempo.
The rest was filling up with different OP-1 synths. There is one eerie sound which I also did with sketch to accomplish the bigger pitch bends.
I think it was around 7 tracks in total of which 5 are bounced to two stereo master tracks on the tape (as I’ve explained in the tips and tricks topic).
Enjoy and happy battle.


One week to go!

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Here is my entry for #76
Drums are from the Korg Clip Hit, the beginning is live but then it became to wonky and I used Finger and Endless but also enough realtime playing :wink: .
So everything was Off Grid and you recognize some subtle Sketch sequencing towards the end of the song. Besides the drums all Op!
Rule Breaker was some Audacity mastering…but no intense use.

It jumped out to be kind of folklore with the 3/4 measure and brass-tuba like bassline interrupted by some Jazzlines in the breaks.


Ready to “drive off the grid”?

Definitely needed the arp, endless, and the sketch (which is doing most of the chord/foundation pad work throughout)

Had fun playing the hidden Filter (All Pass mode) with 1/16 arp while sweeping envelope-driven LFO amount to cutoff!



I can’t use my OP-1 “T3” button anymore :frowning:
Time for a repair!

3 days left. Extension requests can be filed anytime. :wink:

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Great battle brief! Nothing in the OP-1 scares me more than Sketch sequencer. And I have never used Tape mode without the marker grid. It was like stepping out on a new planet, where I found some scattered-out beats and alien sounds


the only thing I can say officially is that battle rules were used in this track.


I missed this one. Got way too busy with the band and gigs, however, I am going to vote. Enjoying all the entries.

Extension anyone?

It would take me too long. Lots of good submissions. I will definitely do the next one. I started it but scrapped the whole thing. This one was harder for me than I initially thought. Great battle brief though.

I hoped to participate but this weekend was crazy busy - I’d try to get something together if there were an extension, otherwise there’s next time!