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Will do :slight_smile:


that’s awesome Yoof! Good luck in your quest.


looking at TE’s google+ profile pic.
Do you know what this is? Intentionally blurry as well…
Looks different from an OP-1 sreen dimension wise even though the colours remind me of it.



Hopefully it means we’re in for a treat come NAMM 2016! Wonder what it is!


I believe it is the OP-1 screen, the dimension is correct there is actually a part of the screen which you don’t see.


New here, new to the OP-1! about 3 days into #OP1andchill and i’m in love. i’ve got some beeps and boops uploaded to IG http://www.instagram.com/ctynghtsymphny


I was very sad to hear the news today that David Bowie has died. Bowie was a musical hero for me. I grew up listening to his music and just last Friday I went to pick up a copy of his album, Blackstar, from Rough Trade in London. I would have had to have queued up before the shop opened in order to get one though - which just goes to show the impact he continues to have with his music. Of all the albums (from any artist) that I’ve ever played to my son over his life, the two that he insists I play for him (practically daily!) are Hunky Dory and Space Oddity. My personal favourites are too many to list, but I really loved his output from the 70s and cannot wait play Blackstar when I get my copy.

David Bowie RIP


Me too @yoof, very saddened by this. Eternal respect for this man !

Bowie passed out on the day of my birthday : I’ll mourn him every year for sure.


@yoof Same for me as well, I’m still getting my head around the news. He changed and enriched music, what it can be and how it is perceived, in ways that very few are able to. We were very lucky to have him.

(Although I have many others I’m down with your son’s choices)


Bowie was a genius…


Bowie is not really dead, his spirit is everywhere :smiley:




AHHAHAAa so true !!!

Excellent !


I was shocked too, I’m a big David Bowie Fan, in the evening I went to his house where he lived in Berlin, good to have that here to pilgrim to…


I listened to all the albums I have from him.

Now he keeps asking me if there’s life on Mars.

BTW I loved Rick Wakeman performing this song :


That’s great that performance from Rick Wakeman… very moving, @LyingDalai.

Had a crowd of people gathered there @mixrasta? The Berlin albums Low, Heroes and Lodger are some of my faves.


Yes, when I came, there were around 30-40 people gathering in the rain, during the day even more. But I haven’t heard about this in the media, it just came to my mind and then i went to the house after work! Nextdoor there are two pubs, playing only his music. The one gay-pub already existed when he was dwelling on Hauptstr… ; ) I have to listen to my Heroes album again and recheck the Ambient parts of it @yoof


I got PO-12 delivered to me by accident. This is fate or at least a very happy accident. At times I wanted to buy it, but was constrained by my “no more synthesizers” rule. Now I can see what the PO series is all about without pangs of guilt.



How did you get one sent to you by accident? Surely you won a competition - or even ordered when drunk and couldnt remember?


How did you get one sent to you by accident? Surely you won a competition - or even ordered when drunk and couldnt remember?

I ordered something else from an online music store and got PO-12 instead. The original item was cheaper, so I’m not complaining.