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Seen this idea work well on other forums. Treat this thread like a Twitter type feed where you just briefly say what you’ve been up to.

As long as it’s OP-1, music making, gig, art etc related then it’s all good :slight_smile:


I’ll kick this thread off with today I got a fresh SSD installed on my laptop so tonight I’m sitting installing Live, M4L, Maschine and Komplete.
Zip-file and DVD swapping fun fun fun!!!

…still working on my Arduino based modular Synth and my Giant Led Light Organ based on the Oplab!

to come down in General iam just exploring my PO’s! :slight_smile:

…got this week a Microbrute and, finally, the 3 PO´s. Opened the PO-12 today and it´s really powerful, although it looks more like a DIY kit than the OP-1 and I can´t find how to made it start again after the Auto Power Off :stuck_out_tongue:

my OP-1 is not letting me sleep ,it wants more and more SEX

TE mentioned some people here in their latest instagram post.

TE mentioned some people here in their latest instagram post.

which post?

6 hours last night installing Live/M4L/Maschine & Komplete9

Tonight will be spent downloading all the updates for the bits and bobs within Komplete 9 and installing them, installing previous VST’s (but think i’ll be VERY select in what I choose). Then the rest of the weekend checking out what Maschine 2.0 and K9 is all about :slight_smile:

Then the rest of the weekend checking out what Maschine 2.0 and K9 is all about :)

K9/10 badly needs adequate UIs as well as bugfixes to Battery. The whole Reaktor+Kontakt nature of their products is starting to show. That said I kind of lust after the little Reaktor synths in K10. OP1 is far simpler though - wish it had radio tuning presets. Sat down again the other evening, just listening to call-in radio and “copying” bits of broadcast to tape, then mangling them. It’s my new meditation. Human voice out of context and into OP1 track chunks = very potent.

I’ve been heavily reliant on the portable Op-1 for the last two years for music creativity because I made myself homeless, to reduce overheads, so i can save money for decent music hardware. 15 drum machines and synths later, I’m now considering renting a flat to setup my studio. Its been mentally tough, but the mission has been working. Thankyou OP-1 for keeping me sane! :slight_smile:


Silly me should’ve included this in the post https://instagram.com/p/1QVfxSq697/?taken-by=teenageengineering

RESPECT @Siliconpsychosis !!
You made the right decision there.Sacrifice house for OP-1!
If we lived in Vietnam we would be able to build our own homes.Cut out the middle man ,and the other man.
Good luck.

Thanks Spheric_El . Some people think i’m crazy when I tell them what i’m doing, but its people like yourself that I understand, which gives me encouragement. You’re a star :slight_smile:

I downloaded the FAW Circle 2 synth last night. I had forgotten that I purchased the original way back when, so it was basically a free upgrade. Really fun and quite powerful softsynth. I was making some crazy sounds.

Lost a few hours on the sofa with the PO12 tonight. Is that the time?!

Modular: patching
Modular: knob tweaking
Modular: flip switching
Modular: funded by 30yr old U.S. bonds
Modular: maxing out credit cards
Modular: rehab

I’ve been watching videos of tutorials on how to create beats on an Octatrack and started wondering if I could do the same on my OP-1 or Electribe 2. So, I had a go, and uploaded the results to SoundCloud.

I’ve had the op1 for coming up to its 1st birthday. Tonight, I’m going to try and take an old sketch made on little OP and build it out a bit more smartly in ableton live for the first time. I want to try and get a new workflow going for finishing stuff off!

Haven’t done any significant music stuff in a while because I’ve been hosed with work and also got mono wheeeeeeeee

Getting my OP-1 on Friday. It feels like the longest week of my life. Can’t wait to start making music with it!

I heard about the OP-1 for the first time two days ago. Fell in love and yesterday I managed to get one that was returned to the store (just unpacked, never used) - and it seems that it was the last one with the “old price” available in Sweden. Now the only available ones cost around $230 more than what I paid. I am patting my own back as we speak. =)

Currently I’m getting the hang of things. I learnt how to use the pattern editor on the bus to work today, and next I’ll look into tape editing. Also, I’m super excited to have found this forum!