OP-1 DIY soft case

Hello all, it’s been a week with my new OP-1 and am so happy with it! I’ve joined this forum a few weeks back and it really helped better understanding the OS and its many tricks. That really made it speedy for me to start making music with this super cool instrument. Thanks!

I was going to buy the soft case when I purchased the OP-1, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford it… (I used up to my last Euros!!).
However, being rather obsessive about protecting my gear, especially the portable one (with the OP-1 being probably an ultimate), I decided to sew my own case. After a couple of attempts, I am very satisfied with the final result and thought I’d share it with you.
It’s very simple:
  • Black faux-leather outside
  • 0.5mm foam padding
  • Furry fabric inside
  • Zipper on the side (unfortunately I couldn’t find a black one, but grey is not that bad)
I haven’t seen the original case, but I think this one makes a good alternative. My OP-1 feels safe enough for me :slight_smile: I really enjoyed the job and I have some excess material, so if anyone is interested I’d gladly make a couple more. Let me know!


Thanks masterofstuff124!

nicely done

hey vince! can you please make me one of your cases?

i would love to put my Operator in this good looking pocket! :wink:

That looks super @Vince_Noir

How much would you sell them for?

Thanks everyone!

Correction to my first post: the foam padding consists of two 1cm thick sheets and not 0.5mm.

So here they are: 3 extra cases. I decided to keep one that closes with velcro instead of zipper.

Whoever is interested (@darenager and @JohnnyEgo), I’m happy if just you pay for the shipping and round it up a bit to justify the little mission to the post office (think offering me a drink at the pub or whatever). I’m not looking to make money here, they’re not aesthetically perfect, nor identical. One has a blue zipper and pile instead of furry fabric inside. The sizes are also slightly different. Still, they’re functional and surely will protect the OP-1 for a long time :slight_smile:

If there is more demand, I could get more material and make a few more. I’ll be honest, I think I found a new hobby, sewing is so much fun! Design/colour ideas are welcome (handle-no handle, zipper vs velcro, side pocket etc). In that case though I’d have to cover the expenses.

Here we go. I’m gonna get myself busy for a while. Planning on making a gig bag for the electribe as well. Damn this stuff is expensive :o Next time I’ll have to order everything from Alibaba, since I suspect it all comes from there anyway.

woohoo! that’s awesome @vince_noir.

would you send me a private mail for Pay details!? thx man. i will round it up.

More bags!!

New design with length side black zipper and new, thicker and softer microfibre lining. And cleaner sewing of course :wink: Improving on each piece!

Guys take them off me! Shipping is less than 15€ within the EU.

They’re so pretty! (strokes beard to check man-status)!

I’ll take one! Must say I think I prefer the end zipper one. Not sure though.

How about a matching pooch for the accessories?! :wink:

Thanks @ghostly606 ! :slight_smile:

Good idea the accessory pouch. I could make it.

Thanks @Vince_Noir! Put me down for an OP1 case and an accessories pouch then! Just feeding your hobby. :slight_smile:

PM me payment details! Scotland here.

I think they look really nice but I’ve already ordered a TE one.
It would be nice for sentimental reasons but I collect mine on friday.
Really kind of you though @Vince_Noir .

I think they look really nice but I’ve already ordered a TE one.
It would be nice for sentimental reasons but I collect mine on friday.
Really kind of you though @Vince_Noir .
(They may even tempt on some new members to this site).

Echoey Internet connection…

Thanks @Spheric_El :slight_smile:

I’ve made a couple of pouches for accessories. I hope they fit the antenna, they’re approximately 14.5x10cm (outside measurements). The one with zipper fits 12.5x8.5cm, the one with velcro 11.5x8.5.
I was trying to make them 15x10cm as @ghostly606 suggested but apparently sewing the joints ate up a couple cm on each side…

This is awesome @Vince_Noir, very nice work !

Thanks @quarantequatre ! A new hobby :slight_smile: