OP-1 down!

My OP-1 has been stored in its case since before the holidays, and it was working just fine last time I used it. Fast forward about a month. I broke it out yesterday, excited to dive back in, and it’s seemingly dead. Cue sad face :frowning:

I’m not getting any status lights at all when plugging it in. Tried with my MacBook pro as well as with an iPhone charger to no avail. I bought it less than a year ago, and have yet to get an email back from TE support.

I’m confused about what could cause this. Has it happened to any of you?

Leave it plugged-in while you wait… Li-Ion batteries can deplete beyond a point of no return…

This happens some times silly but try pulling it in turning it on then off and unplug and turn it on again.

dimi3, it’s completely out of juice… won’t turn on or charge at all. I tried leaving it plugged in overnight, and I still can’t even get status LED’s to show up.

try a more powerful charger than an iPhone or a usb port(laptop/pc) look for 2 amps. regardless a regular charger should work. leave it plugged in for several hours and I bet it comes back.

It’s been plugged in for the better part of 3 days now with no signs of life.

Maybe it’s a faulty on/off switch, stuck in the on position. I had USB charging turned off to avoid interference noise. Either that or the USB port itself is fried, perhaps.

. TE is always slow in support emails. And now they are at NAMM so even slower. They eventually respond though. As long as the email was sent before your warranty expires they will honor it!

Try emailing them through the support page under a different option maybe business(that’s what I did last time and got an immediate response after several other failed attempts. )

Business usually = fast response, assuming they aren’t at a trade show, of course :wink:

Thanks guys!

I got a response and a follow-up, though I question if they actually read my emails. They keep asking if it’s booting into TE boot, but I can’t even get that far.

Just wondering how long ago did you buy it? Hopefully you can resurrect it.

Jiggity, I picked it up last summer.

Odd, I powered on my OP-1 tonight, saw it was at three bars, and so I turned it off, plugged it in, and the speaker made a little blip of static. Now it won’t turn on or charge, as it has done to me so many times before.

You better wake up soon you tempestuous little tramp, owner wants to play with you -_-

@KrisM, mine’s been like that for days now :frowning:

How did you remedy this in the past?

it just always unfucks itself. Hasn’t happened to me in a really long time, too. Thought maybe I was beyond this.

Hooray! Mine untucked itself at least enough to turn on. I can’t tell if it’s actually charging though.

This shit happens to me as well ALL the time, so an iPad charger seems to bring it back to life …eventually. Also, when I don’t see the charging LEDs light up on the op-1, I find a good tickle to the buttons wakes up the charge.

Your OP-1 stole OP-1’s soul. Damn you @Zzzach! lol…

see this is why i’m hesitant to buy another op-1. the first one i had, the speakers went. the second one i had, the mic went. the third one, i had these same power issues. i have to keep reminding myself how frustrating that was. but here i am hanging out again, thinking about buying another one. ugh. i should just buy another microsampler. i never had any issues with it. it’s great that you don’t need an oplab or kenton to MIDI it. it’s great too that you don’t have to sacrifice the MIDI side if you want to use the sampler. aside from op’s spring reverb, i much prefer the microsampler’s fx. i’m pretty much all sample-based so i don’t need the op-1 synths. microsampler + zoom r8 would give me 4 more tracks too. both are battery powered. i prefer the microsampler’s size. and for the price of an op-1 i could buy a microsampler, R8 AND a Moisterizer for analog filter/spring reverb… or instead of a Moisturizer I could get a rc-505…blah blah blah

oh OP-1 how is it that you STILL tempt me so??? :slight_smile:

My OP-1 is alive again. Flipped the switch, heard my computer make the “USB device sound” and it powered on fully charged vs 3 LEDs -_- oh you silly bitch…

Looks like mine is stuck around 3 LEDs. They come on for a few seconds when I plug it in, then nothing.