OP-1 Field audio over USB-C — what works?

tx 6 can do audio and midi over a usb C to Lightning, both devices are ‘MFI’

I was able to get 2 way audio to my pixel5a5g. Put OP1f SHIFT+MIc in USB source, plugged in the USBc cable to each, rolled tape and captured with Recorder app. Resulting file was mono :frowning: But that file can be played right back to the op1f when monitoring USB source and record to the tape with no cable adjustments. That’s cool and easy. Now how to capture the clean stereo signal out of op1f?

Interested in getting a mc-101 to use it with my op-1 field. Can you send the audio from the op-1 field and run it trough the master effects on the mc-101?

I haven’t tried this, but you ought to be able to. You’ll need to tweak a setting on the MC-101 to support the classic (not the MC-101 custom) USB audio output, and then cross-connect via USB. Note that the setting on the MC-101 is only available on later firmware, so you may need to upgrade first.

Once you do that, I think you can just set the OP-1F to record to tape and then use the master fx.

Again, I haven’t tried this — curious to know if anyone else has.

I’ve been trying to use Ableton Note with Op-1F, would this work? My desired workflow is Op-1F connected via USB-C to Iphone or Ipad, then audio out of phone/ipad to Portable speaker. Ideally the master would be the phone/ipad to start the sequencer on the Op-1F to record loops from my guitar via headphone amp, and of course internal sounds from Op-1F to Ableton Note. So I need midi over USB both ways, and audio at least one way from OP-1F to Iphone/ipad. Been trying to figure this out for ages. Thanks!

Connected OP1F w/ iPad with usb C (TE cable).
(Firmware: 1.4.2)

Then I got the app Loopy Pro to record the audio from the OP1 tape audio into Loopy Pro. :ballot_box_with_check:

Also I was able to start the OP1F tape in sync w/ the Loopy Pro app: so tap play on Loopy Pro sent midi to OP1F to trigger tape start. :ballot_box_with_check:

I thought this was helpful:

Didn’t try to send audio from the iPad yet.

What about audio interfaces? Is there a list somewhere? I have tried the following and none of them worked: Apogee Duet 2, Apogee Jam (original version), and MOTU Ultralite mk5

All of these are set to 44.100 which is what the op-1 field wants. They advertise that you can plug an audio interface into it but, which ones exactly? Kind of misleading if you ask me.

Tx-6. Works :grin:

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you already tried with a powered hub? :nerd_face: