OP-1 Field audio over USB-C — what works?

The OP-1 Field is supposed to be a USB audio host, but from what I gather, it doesn’t work as expected.

Can anyone who has used it this way please check in? It would be useful to have the info in a thread, plus I’m really interested to see if it works much at all.

For instance, has anyone gotten audio to go both ways between the OP-1 field and the OP-Z? Or with any class-compliant USB audio interface? Or anything?

From my tests with a few devices, I think the OP-1F only accepts audio in, but doesn’t pass it out, to pretty much any device I have messed with… SP404mk2, OP-Z, etc…

For these use cases, it seems like it probably needs an update to send audio out to another device, but right now it doesn’t have any way to assign an audio output to something besides the mix down or fm. Just a guess on my part though.


I wonder if the other device needs a way to select the OP-1 as input? Like how the OP-Z can choose between line in or usb in. Or both.

hopefully they will get it sorted whatever it is
i’m sure there will be plenty of updates to go around

but i really dislike when companies advertise functionality that isn’t there or working properly
reminds me of the early days after akai got bought out by numark

janky af


Wait the OP-1F can’t usb audio out straight to another usb c device like a iPad Pro or android phone?

maybe I’m misunderstanding since the OP-1F is meant to be a audio interface…but if true this would actually be a major dealbreaker for me since both the op-z and op-1 (latest update) can do it this.

When the OP-1F is acting as a USB host, it is not sending audio out over USB. When the OP-1F is acting as a USB device for things like Ableton Live on the computer or Audiobus 3 on an iPad… it works as you’d expect for both input and output.


I’m able to record the output to an iPad Pro with a usb connection.

In that case, the iPad is the USB audio host, and the OP-1 field is an audio interface.

This …

I can play an iPad app with the OP1 over BLE midi and monitor and record to OP1 tape with a usb cable.

This also works with the OP-Z, and the original OP-1, because the iPad is the USB Audio host.

What we’re talking about is connecting class-compliant audio interfaces to the OP-1 field. In effect, the OP-1 acts like a Mac or PC or iPad, and lets you hook up other devices like the Digitone, OP-Z, etc.

Edit: Indeed only works one way regarding audio as of yet

The OP-1 Field only seems to support a sample-rate of 44.1 kHz and no 48 kHz so no Elektron stuff (yet)

For now I Tested the OP-Z, OP-1 OG (both work audio/midi over usb to Field) and I can even run and power my MC-101 with 1 USB cable from the OP-1 Field and have both midi/audio over USB to the Field.

Does the audio go both ways between the OP-Z and the OP-1 Field?

no, from what I gather OP1field cannot output USB audio to OP-Z

Ah I see… Sorry about that… Weird thing is the OP-Z does see the OP-1 Field as a USB host, but I get no sound… Will edit my post

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TE really seems to have trouble with I/O.

I was really hoping to have two-way audio between the OP-1F and the OP-Z. Not for sampling, but so I could listen to both with my headphones connected to the OP-Z.

That way, you can monitor both machines at the same time. Monitoring the Z through the OP-1 is too fiddly.

Yeah it should work both ways indeed.
I think they already updated the TX mixer to accept different sample rates so just probably a matter of time before they get this right I think?

Monitoring with OP-1 is just 1 button press, right? To be honest I had to check the OP-Z manual on how to enable monitoring :slight_smile:

It is, but whenever I enable it while using the synth or drum samplers, I end up sampling the input by mistake!

Oh and just for fun and giggles I tried using an USB hub with the Z, OG, MC-101 and iConnect audio sound card connected directly to the Field…

It only takes one of these devices at a time for now :wink:

That makes sense–even the iPad can’t aggregate audio devices.

Does it work with multiple midi devices connected via hub, though?