OP-1 field feature requests

Live record into endless and also be able to edit existing sequences

My number one feature request is an option to cut audio on zero crossings or add a little bit of fading to avoid pops. I find the popping even more glaring on the field than the og when it happens


My number two feature request is a second page of LFOs for both synth and drums. This would take things to another level

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Request: bring back the feature where I could copy and paste patches between 8 main slots. This was very useful feature on OP-1. You can do some neat stuff by switching between similar, but slightly altered patches while playing.

Also, it would be really nice to have ability to overwrite tape while recording (for live-looping). Maybe bound to Record + Cut combination. It’s kind of incredible that it’s not possible, actually. The tape is most fun to mess with in real time.


I think this fade feature is a must have. I wish they would reduce the Tape Icon and let us see the wave files so we can fade them.

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Shift + Record is great for the other tapes like Mini, Vintage etc. It allows you to practice with the Fx on before recording.

Then if you hit Play while it’s Armed. It will start recording.

Now if you hold Record and start playing it will record.

Those options are all valid for different reasons and purposes.


Aaah… It’s for monitoring the different tape colors. Got ya.

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My request so far:
. Undo recording
.8 tracks
.reuse all fox slots. Not just master. After recording —-automatically disable the fx slot or make it a choice in settings.

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really the best thing is the OP-1 connected to the OP-1 field via USB.

this gives a good impression of the differences between the two (which are huge) in sound and technical versatility.

it doesn’t lack a feature set to grow for the next 10 years.

only request:


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i would love to see the Filter effect that you can unlock via custom firmware on the OG op1 get added to the field.

^ that filter sounds good, is incredibly easy, and incredibly useful! much better than the filter on the nitro effect imo


What about this: blue encoder selectes FX1, ochre selects FX2. to turn on and off, just click the encoder. How does that sounds?

Using the stutter trick key(6 i think) / break key (4 i think) while its not playing could be used for Undo/redo maybe

I understand most of the ideas, like FX for input could be accessed by pressing input+T3 maybe, or just input and then T3 or whatever. But how would you access the additional 4 tracks?

I think it’s pretty obvious that we will not get 8 full tracks. The whole “thing” about Tape is ability to control it in real time and we only have 4 knobs and 4 buttons under the screen.

I really, really believe that the best solution here would be adding shift + ⤓ as a shortcut to mixing down the lifter buffer of 4 independent tracks into the currently selected track. It fits the current UI paradigm and yet it would be a very powerful feature making existing workflows much simpler and faster.

Agree. I also find this annoying. It stops me from doing bends or tweaking knobs without immediately switching back.


When holding break on tape mode, scrabbing backwards works as it should, but scrabing forwards is too slow right now. I wish that scrabbing forward while break key is held down would be at the same speed as backward scrabing. Then scrabbing would be possible while still being able to jump back to the current playpoint.
Then we can do some dj skratching!

The ability to use mic and out-in at the same time so recording tape tricks would be easier, or an easier shortcut for that.
The ability to record encoder parameters like the OP-z, could be as simple as hold record and turning the encoders. If that would be possible there would be so much more we could do, that mixed with the lfo’s would be amazing. An OP1 mode for the tx6, so i could change master effects and other parameters faster, and making it possible to use the faders for each tape track, maybe another fader for panning. The ability to change the tape effect buttons to modulate differently like on the tx6, maybe i want it to stop slower or faster. That could be in the same menu as velocity

An additional request if not mentioned is to be able to choose the type of tape machine in each slot. I’d prefer having four sets of the Studio 4-Track and applying my own tape effects (or not). Happy new year!

Would be sweet if we have unlimited tape amounts (instead of 8) and a snapshot overwrite functionality

(honestly wishing someone would tell me we can already overwrite snapshots I just totally missed it because I’m real desperate for this haha)

Oh another thing, since firmly separating official presets with user presets and not allowing anyone to change the stock presets is almost like one of OP-1’s design philosophy, can we at least get the stock drum presets volume-balanced? Hate adjusting volume almost everytime after switching presets and for individual drum samples…

Would be good to have a feature where you can Color the slice points in the tape for reference- so if you held down slice and then pressed one of the coloured encoders it would put a slice in the encoder color

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How does the OP-1 Field not have a Granular Synth? That’s a must have for me.

Will we ever get a app or software to load drums? Or can we at least get an update to the one that exist?