OP-1 field feature requests

maybe someone posted this one already but i think it would be great to be able to record to a track and play the synth/drum on a different track. i would say record to multiple tracks at once but that sounds far fetched, but at least the prior one would make it possible to avoid certain feedback scenarios and also play along to a recording without messing it up

Unpopular request: I just want a sequencer to quantize. Like a sequencer where you can define up to say 128 steps and have a rolling loop going. Then play synths or drums and have the sequencer quantize at the desired precision. Then you can simply record this quantized loop to tape. I know a majority don’t care and say the OP-1 is for live performances. But why not have an option to quantize? It is a useful tool that most synths have. I have sent TE a feature request for it with hope they may consider it.


i know its really really short but you can live quantize into the pattern sequencer. but its just 16 steps, which is only 1 bar i think


Yup I know. It’s just too short and a bit tedious to edit.


Recently I have sent to TE support a request for Stereo FM reception/transmission (which I hoped for coming from the mostly mono OG OP-1) possibly with a stereo/mono toggle like the Line-in, when the signal is poor.

Another request was to have a key shortcut for positioning the tape head to the ‘loop out’ point, that I often adjust with the knob and need to cut at. I was thinking of holding 5 (Reverse) and hitting Stop - like arm at loop end for reverse playing, as complementary to plain Stop which moves to loop start/in. I know there is a workaround for shift+lift all tracks and drop back, but it cuts all other tracks as well.


Is the radio mono?

At the moment still yes both RX and TX FM radio are mono, you can prove the TX being mono e.g. by muting L or R channel via panning, you receive it averaged in your FM tuner.

But TE confirmed it is not a hardware limitation, but
“to limit reception problems it has always been better to keep it mono. we forwarded it internally, and our dev team will double-check if something can be done!”

So there is hope, I believe many would find it a nice feature.


Wow. I had no idea. I haven’t used it much. It’s handy when waiting in someone else’s car or similar situations. And doesn’t have latency.

I hope they give us the option.

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I love the option to pan the tape input splitting the 4 tracks into 8!

Additionally, I would like the ability to track 8 out over USB as an alternative to the 2in/2out


If you put the tape in free mode, shift + > will take you to the end of the next clip on that track whereas shift + < will take you to the start of the previous clip


USB digital audio out. I really want to use a better DAC for live playing / performances. Or convince me otherwise with measurements from an Audio Precision device like the APx555. I’m happy to be wrong here, but but based on what I’m hearing the internal DAC is lacking.

i believe this already works! i send audio out from my op1f to my tx-6 via usb - perhaps it is only with the tx-6 though, ive never tried it with a different device

It would be good to know the technical specs about how to get that to work - I can configure my computer to accept sound from the OP-1, but it doesn’t seem to send any. There might be something happening with the tx-6 to turn that on (or I’m just completely messing up how I’m doing this)

Should be plug-and-play. You connect Op-1 Field, the system installs drivers for the USB, then it becomes visible as a device in Audacity, OBS and so on.

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Yes, the usb audio on OP1 and OP1F works both ways, it is discussed in https://op-forums.com/t/op-1-field-audio-over-usb-c-what-works

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Sequencer improvements:


  • Option to save multiple sequences (at least as with Finger seq)
  • After saving the sequence, enable its listing on the display with the possibility of retroactive adjustments in this listing


  • While editing the sequence, zoom the grid and view the information in greater detail
  • Ability to extend a note over multiple steps (as with Endless)


  • Extension to 32/64 steps
  • Possibility to save more sequences

New melodic sequencer ala Ableton Push - 8x8 grid with recorded notes displayed (F2, C3, etc.).


Speaking of sequencers, I really feel etch-a-sketch should have a “record” mode that captures both key presses and slides via bend keys.



Thanks a lot, that is a great tip that helps me a lot in my arranging process - it’s much more easier now

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Thank you, thank you. It was my idea entirely and no one else deserves any credit for it

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Still new to OP-1F, but I’d love it if there were better ‘live’ looping functionality. As in the ability to seamlessly build loops and switch between multiple patterns and song parts. At this price point I think it should be able to do everything the KOII does and better. For instance, would a simple undo command, (like on the KOII) kill anyone FFS? Why the hoops to jump through? On the KOII it’s easy to switch between patterns. Essentially, a $300 machine shouldn’t be able to outperform its 2K big brother.