OP-1 Firmware Update #243 - USB AUDIO!

  • added usb audio device in & out, allowing direct digital recording to and from your favorite pod application or daw

  • external tempo sync stability improved

  • when tape is armed and OP-1 receives a play command, recording now starts

  • fixed: switching between fm radio autotune and manual tuning sometimes could crash the synth

  • fixed: sketch sequencer in drum mode could crash under certain circumstances

  • fixed: using shift left when sliding a clip could cause a crash

  • fixed: stolen notes would sometimes play at incorrect volume when using external keyboard

  • fixed: adjusted position of stats in chop lifter which sometimes was not visible

  • fixed: screen sometimes could go black during user test in te-boot

  • fixed: external tempo stability improved, especially when pressing the play button

  • updated: OP-1 sysex identity reply now reflects product family, model and firmware with actual version numbers. previously these values were zero



OMG. Thats insane


Yeaaaah it was time To!

It’s me or it miss FX on each tracks in tape mode?
Haha just kiding maybe one day it will!

Gona try all this all day.
Cheers guy’s n’ girls!



I love this device. Don’t know why I waited so long to buy it.

Is the audio input stereo or mono?

Whaou! Now THAT’s fantastic!!!
What an improvement! And what a pleasure to get such update on a 10 years old device!!

10 years old but ever so fantastic!!

Thank you M Teenage Engineering :slight_smile:

I’m gonna do a little track using this right away!

Blaise AKA BleZ_VCO

this is HUGE! OMG I’m freaking out. Thank you, thank you, thank you TE!

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Awesome, thanks!

Wow. Huge! Didn’t expect they would be able to do that with the older hardware pushed as far as it was!

Thanks TE!


So does this mean the OP-1 mic can be recorded straight to computer? Or the radio? If so, this is a dream come true.

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Not to be that guy but the SDR dongle kit on Amazon by RTL SDR Blog is a great way to record radio into your computer, FM works out of the box, then you can fiddle with it and listen to shortwave, aircraft, and other fun stuff if you are willing to go down a rabbit hole.


I might be willing. I usually am.

Rabbit holes are dope

my boot menu doesn’t open :frowning: but the OP1 works fine other then that…

if you “dummy patch” a cable to the output jack it works just fine! pretty sure the issue is that OP-1 auto-mutes mic playback while running on internal speaker to avoid unintended feedback.

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I feel like an idiot right now. I knew this and got so excited and worked up I just wasn’t using the old noodle. Thanks!

shouts to all the peeps who were soooo sure that op1 updates were dead :stuck_out_tongue:


ps anyone used the custom firmware repacker on 243 yet?

nm it works just fine :radio:


I’m after the answer to this question too.

I know the output is Stereo, but the individual 1-4 Tracks are mono only. If the Input is indeed Stereo, We indeed have a proper Stereo Audi Interface!