OP-1 hardware versions?

I’m sure it’s been covered already, but I can’t find a correspondent thread.
It seems the OP-1 has got a hardware revision consisting in a better screen a few years ago.
Was it the only difference?
Is there any way to tell which version and OP1 is without having it on hand?
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Thank you Sean,
this is the first result you get when you google the subject.
However my question was if there was any way to tell the OP1 version is without having it on hand.
Serial number?
Anything noticeable on the chassis/buttons/knobs?

Sorry this wasn’t what you were looking for. My takeaway from this video is that there is no easy way to tell the difference.

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thank you Sean, very kind from you.
yes, it looks like there is no visual evidence of the hw revision…

Can you tell which hardware revision is this Op1 by this picture


Nope, that’s just the firmware version.

Was this firmware released after version 2 was made?

just in case someone follows this thread looking for info, i found some interesting details on how the tell which hw revision it is without opening it here:


The firmware is compatible with every hardware revision and can be upgraded by the user. So it does not provide any conclusions about the hardware revision.

yes, but when you know the owner has never updated his OP1, you might have a clue of the hw revision.


so if a peace sign is engraved on the underside it’s rev-2 (post 2019)??

pretty incredible

No, peace sign is post mid-2018, not necessarily V2.

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