OP-1 is back @ TE Online Shop aka. Valentines Day Surprise


Alright so since the OP-1 isn’t dead, Im hoping that all the rev 1 and rev 2 will drop in price. I don’t understand why people are still posting them for $1200.


Probably because there are no clear indications of which version they are. e.g., MK1, MK2 and so on. I think if you could visually look at one from a distance and know which year or version it was prices would probably fluctuate. It’s too ambiguous.


what do you guys mean rev 1 and rev 2?
There is only one OP-1… the new ones that have been re-released just have a different screen (which cosmetically to the user is identical in resolution and performance to the old one).

I heard a rumor they will release an OP-1 (light version) for cheaper money later this yr… but thats just speculation

Btw does anyone know whether the new units already ship with the latest firmware? presumably so.


I’m pretty sure there are different revisions and they say of the outside of the original packaging. Also I think I rev 2 has a piece sign near the serial number or something? Not 100% sure but I’ve read it on forums on this site.


Indeed just read about it… they have revised boards but optically seem identical. I’ve just ordered one of the new ones that have just been re released… I dont expect any hardware changes and functionality/power/dsp etc is exactly the same I am told.


Yeah but the screen is different and probably circuitry for that. That being said, it would probably be super hard for any to repair a screen on the rev 1 or 2 because even TE was having difficulty getting them and I don’t think these new ones would work on them. So I think that rev 1 and 2 should be cheaper than a rev 3(I’m assuming this last release will say rev 3, let us know ;))

If it’s a rev 3 selling for $1100 I wouldn’t mind but it blows my mind that people are trying to sell used rev 1 $100 below new purchase price of the rev 3.


i take it that even at the higher price the OP1 is still non-functioning straight of the box and shuts down randomly or whenever the right-hand side of the unit is touched.

that doesn’t accurately describe my experience with it - it functioned straight out of the box, and I don’t ever remember it shutting down randomly on me

Though I have to agree it seems their quality control isn’t great.


I agree, however without a mk1-mk3, rev1-rev3 label on the hardware itself- someone from the outside wouldn’t be able to tell and could easily make that purchase. Which kinda sucks.


That’s why we need to let people know that there are different revs so they can ask before purchase. I’m pretty positive the serial number tells us what rev they are.


Agreed. I also just wish resellers were more open about when they purchased it and so on. That would also be helpful.


Glad y’all agree!! Let’s make everyone aware :slight_smile:


If I recall correctly, the serial number is printed on a sticker attached to the connector board, which may have been replaced, so it may not be there anymore. The only reliable way to check is opening the OP-1 and looking at the display and/or main boards, but we don’t have yet any teardown pictures of Ver. 3.


the box of my OP1 clearly identifies it as rev 2. It is printed with “REV 2.0” and “TE002”

and the rear of the OP1 also appears to clearly identify the rev number – it says “Model Number TE002AS001A”


There we go! Just gotta check TE#s


I have a rev.1 and the model number at the back is also TE002AS001A…



i watched an unboxing of a brand new unit posted on Reddit and the model number on the back says TE002 just the same.


The article says:

“We have had to face other costs than the actual components’ costs of course. The currency conversion, inflation, sourcing of the new component, re-coding the display, re-designing the mounting, new tools etc”.

I wonder if the “re-designing the mounting” could mean that the OP-1 machined body has changed and what that implies to the costs of repairing the display of an older version, in case TE has not stocked the discontinued parts…


Yeah that is what I was thinking!!!


Agreed. There is room for so much more. Let us have something new TE :laughing: