OP-1 is back @ TE Online Shop aka. Valentines Day Surprise



You figure they would release this statement officially, no? I think it would calm a lot of us down.


Overall, while I find the $1300 price a bit ridiculous, I like that they want to keep the platform alive. It’s clearly in low supply and high demand, even on the second-hand market. If there are more units floating around, at least the second-hand prices will go down. I could buy one if mine broke.

I don’t like how some synth manufacturers just keep cranking out “new” models with deliberate flaws built in, so that they can “fix” them in the next generation. OP-1 is still a perfectly capable machine and it can be made better by some fairly simple software updates. (Ahem, like unlocking the engines and effects that are already there. No idea why they still haven’t done it. Filter FX is great.)


I just received a new OP-1 from TE direct and it came with Firmware 235 already installed. The model number doesnt say much as mine is in theory a “Rev 3” as its from the new batch but the box and unit both say Model TE002.

So there is no way of knowing for certain who owns what


And how does it look and feel like? :slight_smile: How about the screen?


The same :slight_smile: i cant tell the difference between this unit and the one I used to own.


Teenage engineering just cancelled my order that I placed last December which is a shame. I thought they’d at least honour the existing orders they had. It’s frustrating that they have a manufacturing issue and the consumer has to pick up the bill. They’ve no pulled out of all 3rd party sellers and will only sell through their own website. £750 was already a stretch financially for me and now they’ve increased the price it looks like I won’t be getting one :(:cry:

Bad times


That’s hard going there😩.
I think the new price means even used OP-1s will continue to go for an awful lot. Ironically more than they were before the announcement.
For me that’s a real shame as most people who own them clearly paid a lot less than they are asking.
I’m hoping that if you can keep an eye out you’ll maybe find one for a decent price.


Over here they (second hand)are sold between 600 and 2000€ so look out for a good deal.


Yeah, been hunting for a while and I was hoping when they came back it would drop the price of used but I didn’t think they’d be posting it for a 30-40% rise in price lol

Man I’m just trying not to get fleeced here